Is Ryan Giggs really the right man for the job?


As a great sports fan myself I am waiting in anticipation for the London Olympics to arrive but football is often overlooked with the likes of athletics taking the main role. This will be the first time for all GB countries to compete together in one team.  I was pleased to hear this as it will allow the likes of Bellamy and Giggs to play with rated Tom Cleverly and Daniel Sturridge.

It must have been a tough decision for Stuart Pearce to leave out the man who is ‘Mr.England’, (David Beckham) as he has been a huge part of the National team and has been a great ambassador for the London games. However, its the right decision for me as pieces of magic and great talent on the ball are far past him. He’s also gone to play in America where the pace and physical contact just dosen’t compare to the Premier League.

One rule that really annoys me (and probably annoys Beckham himself) is that your only allowed to have 3 players over the age of 23. So Pearce has chosen to go for Ryan Giggs who never seems to stop playing, Micah Richards who is a top prospect and should easily walk his way into the City and England starting line up and finally Craig Bellamy of Wales who has had a fairly quiet season. I just don’t see why they have that rule, I mean i know it shows of the young talent of countries but they have already got a youth world cup and some of the players in the GB squad I haven’t even heard of! Surely it would be better if the best talent was on show as more people would want to see it.

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I’m delighted that Ryan Giggs has been given the captaincy as it tops of such a great career. Even as a Manchester. City fan I still have the upmost respect for the man and although he has lost that yard of pace over the years he touch and quality on the ball is sublime. He may have won too many titles to count, but this has to be the pinnacle of his career. Leading your nation onto the pitch may just be the proudest moment of his footballing life.

Gareth Bale is also out due to injury, which cannot be a good thing providing the pace and skill he could have brought us. Although the squad could have been picked from all 4 nations, 5 players were picked from Wales, the rest came from England and unsurprisingly none were chosen from Scotland and Northern Ireland. There have been no real talents to emerge from these countries and I don’t predict there to be any talents from there any time soon.

My top rated players in the squad have to be Micah Richards because of his pure strength and pace running down the touchline. He still is such an underrated player and, I will stress to you, should start every single match for club and country. He has much more quality than Pablo Zabaleta and Glen Johnson put together, I just don’t see why he dosen’t start every match, he’s game changing.

Overall I think England will make to to the semi-finals as they do offer some great players yet Spain have lots of young talent available so I expect them to be favourites to take away the glory of our home Olympics. Whilst many members of the world will be watching out for main events which grab the headlines, I shall be watching wishing I had got tickets but that’s a whole new story.

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