How can Lennon keep Celtic motivated in a post Ranger’s SPL?

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It’s funny how things turn out. If you had been reading the Scottish football press over the summer months it would seem that virtually the whole Celtic team were destined for the premiership. Alas it seems they got it wrong, for it appears there will be more ex-Rangers players kicking the leather ball in England’s top flight than from Celtic’s title-winning squad.

It seems that Celtic’s Gary Hooper, Fraser Foster, Victor Wanyama and Scott Brown will be remaining in Scotland, while former Rangers players Nikita Jelavic, Steven Naismith, Steven Whittaker, Jamie Ness and Steven Davis play their football at the highest level. It is a strange twist of fate that these players now profit from Rangers decline; for them, at least, it does indeed seem that there is no such thing as a bad experience.

It is the crisis at Rangers that has opened the door and brought the players the opportunity to experience new challenges. What will these players bring to the premiership?  Jelavic may well be remembered as Rangers last great signing; it will certainly be a long time before they are able to sign anyone of his market value again.

Everton definitely won a watch with his £5 million transfer; surely daylight robbery. At least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask! The Jelavic and Naismith partnership was a championship winning one; how will Steven Naismith do? This is the most intriguing question – will Naismith, a young lad who grew up to live the dream, be able to match Jelavic and step up and play at the next level?

Turning back to Celtic, with their boss Neil Lennon admitting the real battle in Scotland will be for second place, how hard will it be for the Celtic coach to motivate his players? Will those Celtic players now be turning an envious eye at their former rivals, as, somewhat ironically, former Rangers players turn out every week against the premiership sides and appear on Sky Sports, while Scottish football may not even have a TV deal…?

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  • Kieran says:

    Hooper – 24 – 7m Rejected
    Ki – 23 – 6m Rejected
    Kayal – 24 – 4m+ Value
    Izzy – 26 – 7m+ Value
    Wanyama – 21 – 7m+ Value
    Matthews – 20 – 3m+ Value
    Ledley – 25 – 4m+ Value
    Forrest – 21 – 8m+ Value
    Stokes – 23 – 3m+ Value
    Mulgrew – 26 – 5m+ Value
    Brown – 27 – 5m+ Value

    Look at the ages and Forster & Sammy etc, Celtic have European football and a domestic treble to chase for, plus they are all fighting for international spots and a place in the Celtic side because we have a huge squad.

    We will be motivated alright!

    You seem to suggest that the Celtic players & fans should be jealous that our best players are not playing in the Epl like Jela, Nais, Whit & Davis..Lol we are happy that bids are being rejected and our squad is still the same.

    Celtic will only sell when the time is right and more importantly the price is right.

    The future is bright the future’s GREEN & WHITE!!

  • Raymy says:

    I agree, Cyberboab, the whole Celtic first team will be watching the games and thinking “Man, I wish I took a pay cut to get away Scot free” or even “why can’t Celtic go into admin or liquidate cos I’m on a hiding to nothing here. I’m gonna be bored shitless here with my 15 grand a week for playing a few games a month and travelling to far and distant lands in the search of experience and exposure.”

    Is this what you’ve got your teeth into given that there’s a criminal investigation, an investigation into side contracts, a dispute over deeds, cut price sales, internal conflict with a long serving ex-player pleading to avoid buying season tickets. Never mind the lack of registration and transfer of membership, as well as the moral, and possibly, business implications of ditching tens of millions of debt and leaving businesses across Europe high and dry for monies owed. You even have the gall to mention Jelavic as the last great signing. He might well be because he wasn’t the last great buy, that’s for sure.

    Oh aye and let’s not forget the small matter of the governing body watching how things unfold.

    Still, had you the foresight to question any of that prior to the events unfolding, you might still have a team or a club to support. As it is, one might assert that you have no opinion on the matters I and many others mention there. Had you and others in your position as fans spoke up when the days of Murray were starting to freed contempt and put something in place for change, rangers might still he alive.
    But that didn’t happen did it? Instead, what happened was protests when bounced out of Europe by a “pub” team, on Murray to spend more money at a time there was no money to spend, and the list of creditors was already getting ridiculous I’m sure. Bang. 15 million of other folks money waxed and the masses were appeased.

    But it wasn’t the fans fault that the club hit the skids was it?

    So, back to the topic. Neil Lennon and Celtic, and every other team will do just fine. More the vengeful wishful thinking to see all others fail has you believing the mince that is printed and spouted in the normal media and maintains the myth that we will all die without. Well Tue death has happened and the cloth is being re-cut. We’ll all do just fone. as long as the rules are applied and not subverted.

    I’d be happy to read what you have to say on the debacle at ibrox, but your articles on Celtic really are amateurish so probably best you seek other subject matter more deserving and demanding of the time spent in front of the computer.

  • Raymy says:

    Phones are not good for typing any.more than a text apparently

  • Nerissa Wild says:

    I’ve been receiving B’s for my best subjects in the last 3/4 of the year, that has put me down so much because i’m so used to getting A’s . After reading this, (just about giving up) i’ve been motivated to try EVEN harder!

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