Will Paul Lambert and Brendan Rodgers struggle in their new jobs?


Dreams are an important need in anyone’s life. They come in the most fascinating ways such as a Premier League promotion or even being offered a big time job at one of the League’s most elite clubs. Brendan Rodgers and Paul Lambert can testify to that. Both of these managers have awfully a lot in common. Both secured promotion into the League with Swansea and Norwich City respectively.Even before the season commenced, pundits, football critics et al (me included) had already predicted that they were relegation candidates.

They had been doomed to fail. However, due to the mysterious nature of the League, I and the rest of the doubting pundits were forced to eat our own humble pie. Swansea, under Brendan, produced magical ball-passing footwork that mesmerized everyone.

This helped to transform their petit Liberty Stadium into a fortress. Shockingly, many of the League’s ‘big boys’ found it tough securing a victory there. As for Norwich, they had an attacking prowess within them orchestrated by their powerful skipper, Grant Holt. Lambert made sure he pulled the right strings at the Loftus Road, to ensure they had a smooth ending to what was a cracking season.

And just like dreams, all good things always have to come to an end. Brendan and Lambert became an admiration thanks to their successes in their clubs. The season is over and long gone and now, both of them have made significant moves in their careers. Lambert has been called up by the Villains to take the mantle at Villa Park. Whereas Rodgers, has been assigned the task of returning Liverpool to their former glory days. One could beg to differ with their decisions and argue that it was a bit premature; that is they could arguably have used more experience managing a club with lower expectations in this very stressful League before deciding on looking for greener pastures.

The football genie might have granted them their most desired wish but they should be aware that it won’t be a bed of roses. In the last decade, Liverpool have fallen short of glory. They have become a shadow of their former selves. Brendan will be under immense pressure at Anfield from the fans to make sure he at least returns the legendary club back to the top 4. Dalglish was a club legend and his return was viewed as a boost. However he didn’t live up to the fans expectations when the club ended the league campaign in a shocking 8th position, under their Merseyside rivals, Everton.

In the just ended season, Liverpool seemed to struggle in the goal scoring department. Even with the likes of Suarez and Carroll, they hit the woodwork more than putting the ball behind the net. Rodgers will have to probably make some signings in order to remedy that issue. He won’t have any financial problem since he’ll have full backing by the newly American owners.

Aston Villa endured the most traumatizing season under Alex McLeish. Even on his arrival at Villa Park from relegation-bound Birmingham City, the fans were not happy with his appointment. Injuries to goal stylist Darren Bent and the sale of key players like Downing and Ashley Young made life harder. The once Premier League heavyweight was fighting in the relegation battle on the final days of the league. The villans can now hope that Lambert would be the man to restore their club and take it back to its former status. By using the formation he utilized in Norwich, he will aim to improve the attacking front. Bent’s return will be a massive boost. Lambert will also have to fix the leaky defense. Villa conceded many goals in the just concluded season.

As we are enjoying the Euros, lets all know that the Premier League heat is turning up. Dreams have been forged into realities. All I can say to Lambert and his counterpart Rodgers is good luck. The league is not for the faint-hearted. So let’s hope they will be able to put up with the pressure. Until next time, may the force be with them.

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  • Terry Lawton says:

    Villa fans were ferocious in their condemnation of Mcleish, but if Lambert can get their power and passion on his side that’s a hell of a weapon to have.

  • Bill says:

    Rodgers has not yet convinced a lot of the Liverpool supporters yet. And If he wants to play this so called Tikka Takka system he will need to replace almost the whole team, cos all hell get from our bunch of clod hoppers is minty Tic Tacs.

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