Spanish heart & German blood – Why Mario Gomez would find “love” in the most multicultural league on Earth:


All that said, Gomez is half German(one thing that could probably not be changed… Nope!) and is still not fully appreciated in the country he represents on the international stage. A declaration came from the player himself, stating that German fans don’t “love” him. In 2010, the German chancellor Angela Merkel spoke of multiculturalism as a failure in Germany, saying the concept of living side by side happily had utterly failed. Gomez, a man of heart, a man of passion… maybe inherited from his Spanish genes, declared that he doesn’t let criticism get to him and admitted to have learnt from a heavy past. Known to be gifted with a never-give-up attitude, Gomez has always managed to pick himself back up under criticism, eliciting praise from his manager. If the Sun is anything to go by, Low, is believed to have said: “Mario has been down on his knees before but he has always got back up again.”

Mario Gomez was apparently approached by Liverpool in the past but the deal fell through and instead a certain Andy Carroll ended up in a red outfit: had things gone differently, I wonder where Liverpool would be right now. Why the premier league would be a match made in heaven for the powerful Mario Gomez? The answer might just lie in his approach to attacking gameplay. The physicality of the premier league would fit the German forward: like an oversized pair of trousers fits the high waist of Simon Cowell. Gomez has showed countless amounts of time that the knack of being in the right place at the right time is something he possesses and deploys naturally.

41 goals in the Bundesliga, second only to Huntelaar, the former VfB Stuttgart player has done more than enough to prove his effectiveness. Being selected in front of Klose comes as a clear statement of form and trust from his manager. Miroslav Klose, known to be a big game player on the international scene, has scored 63 goals, 5 off Gerd Muller’s all-time Germany goalscoring record and just one shy of Ronaldo’s World Cup record of 14. At 33 years of age, Klose remains a Jester in Low’s squad, but his preferred choice is now clear with his trust in Gomez: a younger and forward-thinking choice, geared at the future. 24 goals in 54 games seems to be statistic Gomez believes should make him the first choice in front of his competition and national hero, Miroslav Klose. Whenever I get to watch Gomez in a action, I find a hybrid between  Berbatov and Drogba, maybe the best of both with a touch of his own: based on his recent form.

The FA, still not perfect in its administration, seems to be doing a far better job with fairness and equality than most leagues in the world. Football is a religion here and English football fans although known for being fickle about performance, are also on the other side fair to players who play good football. Acceptance over here does not seem to be about passport, skin colour or nationality, but allegiance to your club and performance on the field. Eric Cantona, Thierry Henry, Paolo Di Canio and Gianfranco Zola, to name a few foreign souls that have all left their legacy and legends here. Never have these players lacked love or support from their fans, even in their darkest hours. That said, makes a valid argument for Gomez’s positive social and sporting integration should he end up in the Premier League “show” unexpectedly next season.

Chelsea with the still not fully convincing Torres might do with a Gomez, given the Russian feels adventurous or emotional with his wallet. Mancini’s Manchester City could consider a move too, since the Italian manager made clear his intentions to dip into the transfer market should he by any circumstance lose some of his attacking staff. That said, the likelihood that some of the senior strikers would want to sit on the bench at the Etihad stadium and spectate next season seem far-fetched, justifying a “Gomez inquisition”. Five hat-tricks including four goals­ against Basle in the Champions league makes Mario one of the most in-form strikers of the moment and here goes a message to any rich billionaire sitting at a poker table or just sharing a cigar moment talking about “their” clubs, “Get Gomez to the premier league if you want some goals and some great action.”

Mario Gomez is also known in Germany to be open about his views on social matters, offering support over homosexuality in football & encouraging players to be more open about it. Whether he aims at philanthropic work or reaching an audience for equality, the Premier league is the biggest footballing stage in the world, hence a worldwide platform for self-expression. Characters have braced this league since it’s creation… Gascoigne, Cantona, Savage and the list goes on.

Multiculturalism surrounding the Premier League is also extraordinary and likely an example to most leagues. The FA maintaining a zero tolerance approach on any type of racial discrimination is contributing to the fairness many professional players enjoy these days. Of course, the odd incident does come up, Suarez and Terry’s recent niggle as examples but nothing major like bananas being thrown or monkey chants have braced any stadium hosting a Premier League game in the recent years.

So Mario, if you fancy a change, don’t seem to mind wearing a jacket most of the time, aren’t the type to moan about the cold, love to enjoy running on some of the finest playing surfaces available on this planet and look forward to giving your best… Come to the Premier League! A miracle at the time being, a probability as the competition goes on and a certainty after the Euros? Who knows?

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