Is Luka Modric worth just £22m?


I think it’s fair to say that Luka Modric wasn’t at his best last season. Flashes of genius aside (his goal against Bolton in May will stick in the memory for quite some time) he’s been a far cry away from the player voted Spurs’ fan favourite in 2010/11. Indeed, Modric’s dip in form dovetailed with Spurs’ plummet from a seemingly unassailable third place Premier League finish to a fourth place finish that ruled them out of Champions League football. It seems that the fortunes of both club and player are intertwined.

But to say that he’s worth £22 seems to be taking the Mickey (to put it nicely). He remains one of the Premier Leagues best, most creative midfielders. He’s been a major part of Tottenham’s successes over the last couple of seasons and is probably the best player at the club (although I’m sure Gareth Bale would disagree).

According to The Mirror, Sir Alex Ferguson is looking to test Tottenham’s resolve by tabling a £22m bid for the Croatian midfielder. They also claim that Tottenham now value Modric at around £30m. Whilst I’m not sure that’s an entirely accurate estimation, the £22m bid is miserly and slightly offensive.

Chelsea offered Tottenham £22m for Luka Modric’s services last summer. Daniel Levy told the Blues where to go. When Chelsea upped their bid to £27m Daniel Levy responded by making it clear that Modric was not for sale at any price. Heck – even when the player attempted to force through a move at the end of last season Tottenham refused to sell.

The problem the club now faces is that they have no Champions League football to offer their stars. Players like Modric, Bale and Rafael van der Vaart want to play at the highest level and in the biggest competitions. With that in mind I wouldn’t be surprised if Modric had his head turned by a big club once more this summer.

Manchester United have been interested in Modric for quite some time, but many believed that their signing Shinji Kagawa would put an end to that particular stream of conjecture. If we’re to believe the Mirror, that’s not the case. They still want Tottenham’s star man but they’re not willing to pay a fair price.

I think it’s fair to say that if Manchester United want Modric, they will have to up their bid. This could be the start of a long summer for Tottenham fans.

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  • Ray says:

    Do you actually believe that Daniel Levy will sell his star players to the competition in the EPL, weakening the clubs position and strenghtening theirs. I know that he sold Berbatov and Carric to Manchester Utd 4 years ago but the situation and circumstances at the club have drematically changed since those days. May I remind you that Modric still has 4 years remaining on his current contract, no buy out clause inserted and therefore not in any sort of position to argue with Daniel Levy as he found out last Summer when he attempted to throw his toys out of the pram. Because Spurs wont be involved in the CL next season is no reason for him to go running to the Chairman demanding to be released afterall, was’nt he an integral part of the team that blew 3rd place from a position of comfort? My best guess is that should Modric create again, he will be either sold overseas if there is a taker or loaned out overseas as opposed to being sold to a competitor in the UK. If you cant see this then I’m sorry for you.

  • Yidango says:

    Was Berbatov worth £30.5m??
    Carrick £18.5m??
    Yeah levy will sell Modri? for £22m.. 🙂

  • TommyHarmer says:

    Agree with Ray here, and doubt your motives; this is an attempt to generate traffic for your site and stir up controversy. Pathetic.

  • GuySpud says:

    Yes I agree, Levy’s got to stay strong and just say no to the vultures. It’s all way’s the same, Red NoseRaindear steels are best player’s from under are Noses time Spurs put a stop to it.

  • Tony says:

    These are placed stories with Fergie’s favourite stooges-place a story for me and I’ll give you star interviews with my players. It’s always the same minions who do Fergie’s bidding- Neil Custis (Sun), David McDonnell(Mirror), Bob Cass(Mail),Ian Ladyman (Mail), John Richardson(mindless Express reporter) and the biggest culprit Shaun Custis (Sun), to name but a few. Virtually every time Fergie has chased a Spurs player over the last few years it’s started with a story from Shaun Custis saying Bale/Modric/Carrick/Berbatov is on his way to Old Trafford. Always of course at a knock down rate, and Levy is always resigned to losing the player, and the player wants to go etc etc etc(make your own story up, Fergie does)

  • stujam says:

    Did Modric leave a team in the CL to come to Tottenham? So why is that competetion so important to him now.
    Truth is the slump in form of the players after Christmas included him and this cost Tottenham third place. As far as I am concerned he amongst others owe Tottenham for their past failures.

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