The Premier League Thanks You, Swansea City

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If there was an award for the Premier League’s most admirable, refreshing and genuine club to take part in the marathon of a competition, I thoroughly believe Swansea City would be peering down upon the rest.

If we escape from the endless debates that encircle money and controversial issues and simply look for clubs who stand out due to their likeability, we find clubs like the South-Wales Swans. Given a vast amount of new exposure due to their debut season in the widely-watched Premier League, the world has taken notice of Brendan Rodger’s unique squad.

Whilst the Manchester clubs’ exerting battle took the limelight this season in the media, the Welsh club proceeded with their own business, gaining praise and plaudits from many as they deservedly finished in 11th place, defeating teams like Manchester City in the process. The Liberty Stadium became a place to be feared, a rarity for promoted clubs in the current climate due the chasm created between leagues by money and ability.

After prevailing over Rodgers’ ex-club, Reading, in the play-off final at Wembley in the 2010/11 season, Swansea entered the top-flight of English football not only as the first Welsh club to participate since the Premier League was initiated in 1992, but as the underdogs who would surely be relegated…wouldn’t they? Nobody could precisely predict the scale of excitement and adventure that lay in store for their own fans or anybody who became attracted to Swansea’s football.

To put it simply, the bravery and positivity of the football Swansea play is the main factor is why they are so enjoyable to watch. Rodgers has brought a flourish of Spain to the Premier League in the form of his men in white: in fact, the 39 year-old is spending four days at the Spanish national team’s Euro 2012 training camp later this month-don’t be surprised if we see even more imitations and alterations of tiki-taka at the Liberty Stadium next season.

One significant area of Spanish football is keeping firm faith in the playing style. Remember Swansea’s opening game of the season against the eventual champions Manchester City? 5-0 down and they continued to pass the ball around, unfazed by the score line. In the reverse fixture, the Swans ran out 1-0 victors after frustrating their visitors and controlling possession. Not many people will be able to deny that the combination of the squad and manager the club are blessed with is a sustainable one that provides firm foundations to construct upon. Rodgers’ mindset will be focussed upon progression, improving on their 11th place finish for next season and in the far future.

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  • Ubertrout says:

    Flattering article – however the Swans ‘merely’ lost 4-0 to Man City (not 5 as mentioned in the article) at the start of the 11/12 season

  • i am very proud of my swansea city team and i am also proud at being a jack, best wishes to my friends on face book i love you all haydn

  • Stu says:

    Remember Swansea’s opening game of the season against the eventual champions Manchester City? 5-0 down and they continued to pass the ball around

    No seeing at man city scored 4, jeez basic

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