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Squaring the Ranger’s circle: is this Duff & Phelp’s exit plan?


“As the geometer his mind applies
to square the circle, nor for all his wit
finds the right formula, however he tries.” – Dante

The expression “squaring the circle” is sometimes used as a metaphor for trying to do the impossible, or to describe a hopeless, meaningless, or vain undertaking. Could this be the position for both Duff & Phelps and the Blue Knights?

How does the metaphor apply to the Blue Knights? For them to square the circle, their wallets would need to match their ambitions. Ambition is clearly a good thing. Life does not give you gifts; you have to go out and try but a bid based on future earnings, even with the best intentions may not be enough.

Duff and Phelps put on the appearance of trying to square the circle at Rangers, to be gamely soldiering on trying to do the impossible, to broker a working deal for the club, but it seems that no matter how many times they try and square the circle at Rangers they do not succeed. So why are the administrators so determined to follow a path which is doomed to failure?

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With Duff and Phelps in charge, there is only one possible outcome – failure – because that is the outcome they have been seeking all along. I think they thought they would just come in and shut the club down, and get out without ‘blood on their hands’, but given the force of opposition, have found themselves in an impossible situation.

Are D&Ps already getting the excuses in? Would the administrators rather be seen as bunglers, like the Dumb and Dumber characters they are so often portrayed as, rather than being seen as collaborators with Craig Whyte in the Rangers takeover? Perhaps the strategy being used by D&P is the lesser of two evils. We can already hear the claims that the job at Rangers is too big for them, that they are in over their heads. Is this the exit strategy that D&Ps are playing? It now seems that D&P have failed in their duty of care as administrators to Rangers and the club now seems to be heading into liquidation: what many believe was the plan along.

Two different scenarios of squaring the circle – one of people trying desperately to find a solution that could be the best possible outcome for Rangers, the other of people trying to prevent a solution while hiding their true motives.

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