Is Mourinho biding his time until the Manchester United job becomes available?

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Jose Mourinho’s new contract extension at Spanish giants Real Madrid has fuelled speculation of a return to England when the updated contract runs out in 2016. The question is where will his destination be?

Many believe this contract will coincide with the retirement of Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, Mourinho has been a long admirer of the 19 time league champions, he often described Ferguson as the ‘greatest’.

He has unfinished business in England having left Chelsea in rather controversial circumstances following a bust-up with owner Roman Abromovich. I’m sure in the depths of his philosophical brain that he will want to from one ‘big’ club to another. And in terms of English football you don’t get any bigger than Manchester United.

When Sir Alex does retire he will be leaving a legacy, a whole generation of united faithful behind, many of whom have never witnessed another manager in charge. This type of project, the expectation is something that Mourinho thrives off.  And at united the expectation is success season after season.

However, Mourinho has had a history of discontent at previous clubs, he had countless disagreements with Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti, his time with Real Madrid hasn’t been plain sailing either. Unrest with President Florentino Perez almost led to speculation he could lose his job. for a manager who tends to move on after he wins everything?

Manchester United have been used to stability, which has led to many labelling united a ‘family club’. Does this fit the billThe job is a mouth watering prospect for any manger trying to fill the void left by arguably the greatest manager in the history of the game.  The united faithful will be looking for a new Sir Alex but let’s face it his reign will probably never be matched again, such is the demanding nature of football these days.

As for Mourinho himself, he is very masterful with words, organises his teams with microscopic detail and has an ego that is backed up with silverware. The perfect CV for any managerial job surely, however would this be enough to earn him the job as Sir Alex Ferguson’s successor? Whatever happens his name will of course be in the hat when that day comes.

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  • upyoursciteh says:

    Do we have to wait till 2016!! Fergie, please hang up your boots and let a younger person take up the job, who knows a thing or two about tactics!! And before all the other manu fans jump up and down, wrong tactics vs Wigan (no Paul Scholes), Gutless performance and rubbish tactics against City (Nani instead of Valencia? What was he thinking of??), wrong tactics against Everton, 3-1 up and 4-2 up with 8 mins to go and Fergie still could not see that Fellani was winning every ball in the air? Why not bring on Smalling or Jones to challenge him?? Wrong tactics vs Blackburn at home, he had a fight and dropped Rooney and we lost to Blackburn!!
    As for the European campaign, need I say anything??
    Fergie, please retire, you’ve been a legend but every dog has his day !!

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