Sergio Aguero, Luis Suarez, RVP: Are they staying put for loyalty or comfort?


The last few days, oddly enough, were full of passion and heart. Since the beginning of this era of materialism and modernism, acts of chivalry and loyalty has been hitting a low. Last I can remember was Andrei Arshavin clarifying that the foul was not committed upon being given a penalty to the shock of everyone… especially Arsène Wenger.  Somehow, this week, declarations from the football world showed that dignity in some men is still present. How many tongues will twist in the future? What are the true motivating factors? Those are other stories on their own.

For now, let us have a look at some declarations that should keep the fire in fans’ hearts strong, not mine somehow. Robin Van Persie stalling on his contract has not done anything positive to my nerves but Liverpool fans on the other hand should be happy to hear Suarez declaring his commitment to a club in crisis. The appointment of a new manager does not seem to promise their re-instatement as the “statement” they once used to be but their squad sticking together through these hard times would be an achievement on its own.

Competition in Europe has made it a tough slope to ascent for any team, especially when the bottomless pit of funds available to some clubs makes most players’ loyalty an ugly beggar. The Uruguayan footballer has rubbished talks from Barcelona to reiterate his faith in Liverpool. Chelsea’s Fernando Torres has also suddenly emerged from nowhere to deny claims of his doubtful future with the Blues and even saying, “At Chelsea I am very happy and never said the opposite. I still have a lot to do in this club, meet personal goals, confidence to return.”

The “Blue Moon’s New World Dominating Oil Corporation” has also seen a sudden rush of emotions from their players who given the salary they are on should even be happy to keep the benches warm. It seems like the long wait before success has given the boys in blue an avant-gout of domination (and with the money, who wouldn’t?), with Zabaleta stating the Argentinian “trio” are happy at Manchester City. I would still want to hear it from Tevez himself, a man who knows the Gentleman’s way of doing things. I am sure their neighbour’s Scottish boss would “back that up”. Gareth Barry also seems to have taken a liking to the taste of silverware stating that Manchester City is the perfect club for him, while Dzeko also joined the “I wanna stay with you” crew.

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