With evidence of Manchester United’s interest clear is it time to snap up this Ligue 1 gem?

Image for With evidence of Manchester United’s interest clear is it time to snap up this Ligue 1 gem?

After Eden Hazard’s grotesque, self-aggrandising and unbecoming Youtube come-get-me-plea I had begun to hope that Premier League interest in the young Belgium star had diminished. For all his talent, he’ s clearly somebody that’s bought into his own hype, is a bit of a prima donna and has little respect for the club that he’s a part of.

Which is why I was a little surprised by The Metro’s revelation that Manchester United are weighing up a move for the 21-year-old. What’s more this isn’t just tabloid tattle. Manchester United coach Rene Meulensteen has confirmed that Sir Alex Ferguson has been to see Hazard in action:

The manager wanted to see [Eden] Hazard by himself. That’s a sign he thinks it’s an interesting player. We talked a lot about him. For a club it’s important that you keep refreshing your squad.”

“Hazard is a special talent, but it always takes a while. [For] example – we followed David de Gea for a long time before we got him. Ferguson wants to know the character of the player, and because of that he goes to look by himself for players. Hazard is “the man” at Lille. Ferguson wanted to see if that had an influence on him.”

Lille seem pretty resigned to losing the talented youngster in the summer whilst Hazard himself has made it clear that he’s leaving when the transfer window re-opens and has even suggested that he has a preference towards joining the Premier League. Essentially, the only thing standing in the way of Manchester United signing Eden Hazard is his price-tag, especially with the likes of Manchester City, Arsenal and Spurs all thought to be interested.

Whilst his credentials are great – he’s the sort of player who can split a defence with ease, through quick passing or direct running and he’s a nightmare to keep track of as he tends to drift across the pitch. His talent, however, doesn’t come without a certain degree of arrogance. It strikes me that he’s spent the last 6-12 months whoring himself out to the highest bidder. Is this really the kind of player that Manchester United should be looking at?

What happens if he was a hit in the Premier League and Real Madrid or Barcelona came knocking? I’m sure he’d move on in an instant. My feeling is that Sir Alex should be looking to give players a chance who are desperate to prove themselves at United.

Is it that difficult to find players that have talent and a head that’s tightly screwed on?

What’s your take? Should Sir Alex snap up Hazard or are the warning signs to strong to ignore?

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