What does the colour of your football boots say about you?

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Sitting in the Park Lane stand at White Hart Lane yesterday afternoon watching Tottenham Hotspur v Swansea City in the Premier League I was thinking: why on earth does William Gallas wear bright red boots? He’s a centre back, flair play is not his game; tough tackling and booming clearances should be what he’s all about.

Inside and outside of football, it seems coloured boots are all the rage, and customising your footwear is something you can do with the Converse Demin Collection…

In the world of football, the customisation of football boots is all the rage these days. From Aston Villa striker Darren Bent putting his Twitter handle on his boots, to everyone from David Beckham to Wayne Rooney having the names of their kids etched on their footwear, the plain black football boots just don’t cut it anymore.

The customisation of football boots isn’t just left to the professionals either, as you and I can customise our boots to our heart’s content as well. But what colour of football boot should you go for? Well, a couple of years ago a leading sports psychologist revealed what the colour of your boots say about you, and these are the results…

The good old traditional black boot is reserved for the old pro, while blue boots tend to be worn by veterans. Although pretty rare, brown boots are worn by organisers, but it’s the bright colours that are the most interesting.

White boots are worn by maestros, a player who has plenty of talent, plenty of class and while he doesn’t have the work rate to match his ability, his manager turns a blind eye to his lack of tracking back. This is similar to wearers of yellow boots, entertainers who can wow crowds with their skills and might often try one too many tricks, but brings smiles to supporters’ faces.

Red boots identify you as something of a hot head, a hot potato who has a tendency to do something rash every now and again. Wear silver boots and you single yourself out as a headless chicken, your teammates will expect you to run and run and run but also do something stupid from time to time.

That leaves us with the enigma, wearers of green boots who are the best player on the park on their day, and orange boots for the eccentrics, players who are impulsive and can be the best of the best or the worst of the worst.

Finally there’s golden boots, reserved solely for the golden boy. Egos step forward!

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