Is sacking Kenny Dalglish REALLY Liverpool’s most sensible option?

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It has been one and a half years since ‘King Kenny’ took charge of the Reds, and brought them from the 12th position to the 6th position. But this season, Kenny’s men have been very inconsistent in their performances. At the start of the season Champions league looked possible, but now retaining a 7th or 8th league spot looks difficult.

With big money signings like Adam, Henderson, Carroll and Downing failing to make their mark at Anfield, the players as well as Dalglish have come under heavy criticism. There have been many arguments about the job security of Dalglish, and after the Reds last game, it would seem Kenny is walking on thin ice. But does Dalglish deserve all the blame?

Kenny’s tactics have been very inconsistent, and have raised eyebrows in some games. The choice to pick Jamie Carragher over Sebastien Coates seems to baffle everyone, including me. The use of Henderson on the right hand side is another example of such tactics, a position where the Englishman is not comfortable. The late introductions of important players, have also led to many arguments regarding our performances. One such example would be the introduction of Craig Bellamy against Arsenal (at Anfield) and the game against Stoke (at the start of the season), both ending up in losses.

Dalglish has also blamed our league form on bad luck or error in referee’s judgment, rather than to take blame for his error in tactics. The form of Henderson, Carroll and Adam has also not helped Kenny’s position in this situation. Questions also start to arise about Kenny’s decision to spend 35million on Carroll in January 2011, when Dalglish could have waited until the summer and invest in Aguero. Another example would be the investment in Downing, when clearly; Dalglish had the funds to spend on Mata.

Kenny has also been very confident about the ‘Suarez and Carroll’ partnership working out, to the extent that he refused to bring in a quality striker to the side during the January transfer window. Dalglish gave importance to the cup competitions and took us back to Wembley to end our 6 year trophy-less drought by winning the Carling cup. Our FA Cup form has also been a good run, as we once again return to Wembley for a Merseyside semifinal clash.

But apart from our cup matches, the eague form has been absolutely disastrous. So is Kenny focused only on the cup fixtures? And are we just establishing ourselves as a cup team?

Our main priority should be to return to the Champions League, and not the Europa League. So is it time Dalglish and Liverpool part ways?

Let me know your thoughts.

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  • Joe says:


  • red says:

    One word,…………… YES!!!

  • magnumopus says:

    Perhaps, we will have to wait and see what Henry wants to do and how much patience he intends to show with Kenny! Who to replace
    him with is the question of the year?

  • hadi lfc fan says:

    yes rafa should come back

  • biff says:

    Kenny is clearly unable to continue inspiring, and he should go. I think hell should freeze over before we consider Rafa the Cancer Benitez.

    • Red says:

      Biff…….you’re a F disgrace, we don’t need wan*ers, like you, supporting LFC!!.

  • Mozo says:

    I say YES but immediately after the last game which is against Swansea.

  • gabriel slovakia says:

    We want rafa back asap please

  • Aidan says:

    Do the right thing and admit the jobs too big and we need fresh ideas and a new manager..

  • bgc689 says:

    Yes. After wasting 100 million, I don’t see how we can recoup the money or spend that much again. Enough talks about rebuilding, spending such money should bought us a couple of world class players.
    just ask the question, would you buy Carrol’s 9 jersey?

    • Aidan says:

      I agree the players bought arent really the players sought by other teams. We need to b signing players that r also wanted by other big teams

  • Denzil says:


  • Lee says:

    Yes – bring back rafa

    I think Kenny will be replaced in the summer.

    I would take Benitez back with the funds available he would bring in world class players not overpriced British players.

    Under benitez we would never have lost the games we have this year. I think if you asked a lot of Liverpool fans they would take Bentiez back.

  • ant says:

    hmmm let me think 100 mil wasted on players a not good enough and b worth around 20 mil for all of them max thats 80mil overspent on average shit we have been in relagation form for 4 months could have sighned mata adebayor aguero cabaye and ba and would have had the same net spend which means we would have got them all with a net spend of 35mil so to answer the question YES

  • Herbie says:

    Don’t forget that LFC’s net spending at the beginning of the season was around £35 million considering players were sold as well as bought. Therefore, the total sum of £100 million spent is, in isolation, not significant.

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