Have Newcastle asserted their dominance over Kenny’s lacklustre Liverpool?


In the wake of yet another defeat for beleaguered Liverpool – they now only have 3 points from a possible 21 – manager Kenny Dalglish urged his side to regain their composure. It’s all gone horribly wrong for Liverpool, and if the Premiership had started in January, they’d now be lying in 2nd bottom, with only Wolves below them. So, just why have they lost their cool?

Pepe Reina’s red-card for a head-butt, while not the most physical of acts, couldn’t be argued and his conduct was utterly ludicrous. An experienced pro like Reina, who has played over 300 times for Liverpool, completely lost his head and it’s baffling to understand. Where does this come from?

Andy Carroll also suffered a torrid return to his former home, and left the field when substituted to cacophony of boos and jeers, and then delivered a volley of abuse at his manager. Whatever it is, this must be settled in house as soon as possible as Liverpool have become a laughing stock.

Maybe this comes from the boss himself, who continue to delude himself offering weak and pathetic excuses and stauch defences of his players even when maybe they don’t deserve it. Liverpool must start producing team performances and giving themselves their pride back. Now 8th, they need to overtake local rivals Everton to clinch 7th place. With an FA Cup semi-final against the Toffees too, it is really getting to the point where by it’s make or break for Liverpool, succeed or exit for ‘King’ Kenny.

It must be said however, that Newcastle were again superb. They’ve had a great season, and deserve all the plaudits that they get. Alan Pardew has built a side with serious potential and should they continue to develop next season there’s no reason why they can’t be challenging for a Champions League slot. As the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal falter, the likes of Newcastle and Tottenham are the frontrunners to profit.

With Newcastle now 11 points ahead of Liverpool in the Premier League, the Reds simply have to admit: the future’s much brighter for the Magpies.

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