Could Manchester City still use Emmanuel Adebayor?

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A strange article recently appeared in the Daily Star claiming that Manchester City’s stars were worried that the lack of Emmanuel Adebayor in the squad this season could cost them the title. It’s a pretty ridiculous claim and one that’s not really granted any substance, but I do feel like it’s worth assessing whether Adebayor could still do a job for City should he return at the end of the season.

Apparently Adebayor was a big hit in the City changing room before his loan move to Spurs. The signings of Edin Dzeko and Mario Balotelli put an end to the Togo International’s chances at Eastlands and in the end a loan move was the best option for all involved.

Adebayor has certainly enjoyed his time back in North London. He’s scored a none-too-shabby 13 goals in 27 games and impressed with his general build up play.

City on the other hand are undergoing what the media has had reason to call a ‘striker crisis’. Sergio Aguero has been sidelined with blistered feet, Edin Dzeko hasn’t scored in seven games, Carlos Tevez is still re-finding his feet in the Premier League and Mario Balotelli is unreliable (but still a goal-scorer).

Aguero is the only real absence here, and I find it hard to believe that a club who have Dzeko, Tevez and Balotelli fit are undergoing a ‘striker crisis’ (contrast this to City’s next opponent’s Arsenal, who essentially have one striker: Robin Van Persie). It’s a little ridiculous then that The Star would claim City stars are up in arms at Mancini’s decision to send Adebayor on loan in the summer.

The Star quotes a club source who says: “Ade is a very popular lad and his team-mates were ­genuinely sad to see him loaned to Spurs at the start of the season. What really annoyed the players was the fact the manager made him train with the kids and completely blanked him once he decided he was not in his plans.

“He was basically made to feel like a second-class citizen.The players would have Ade back in a heartbeat. We are crying out for a ­regular goalscorer and a lot of the problems are in the striking department. The players say they miss him and have been impressed by his all-round contribution at Spurs.”

A regular goal-scorer, like say Aguero who has 17 Premier League goals (in contrast to Ade’s 13) or Mario Balotelli’s 13 goals in 21 appearances (that’s a better goals-to-game ratio than Ade’s)?

Truth is, no matter how the Papers try to paint it, Manchester City no longer need Adebayor. If he moves to Spurs nobody will bat an eyelid and I’m sure the devastated dressing-room will move on eventually.

Besides, I’m sure this is an area that City will invest in this summer.

What’s your take? Would you take Emmanuel Adebayor back at Eastlands?

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