Wojciech Szczesny: Opinionated or just a wind-up merchant?

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The media tends to love characters of Wojciech Szczesny’s ilk. They’re veritable quote machines, copy-sellers and reader-magnets. What’s more in the age of social media, the real media are content to sit back and wait for players like these to do the damage of their own accord by using Twitter. During his time Szczesny has utilised Twitter to berate Spurs, call out fellow professionals and to claim that his teammate Aaron Ramsey ‘looks like a rapist’.

It’s little wonder then that he made the sensible decision to take a step away and focus on the football. His last tweet reads:

“Its just about time for me to grow up, delete twitter and focus on football! Thanks for all the support I have received here.”

Despite this, it seems that Wojciech has the kind of personality that needs some kind of outlet. He’s a passionate footballer who can’t keep everything under wraps (just look at his celebrations against Spurs and as his side were coming back against AC Milan) and this can often be interpreted as arrogance. Perhaps this explains why he’s now forgoing Twitter and using the media as his mouthpiece.

In the last week he has made his dislike of Spurs clear, by claiming he doesn’t just want Arsenal to finish above them, but Chelsea too: “We are four points behind the other club. Hopefully Chelsea can challenge them and I would be really pleased to see them in the Europa League next season.”

Then in an interview with the Evening Standard he spoke of the situation over at Chelsea in some pretty disparaging terms: “I think some of the English players at Chelsea run the club, pretty much,” he told the Evening Standard. They have had seven managers [since 2007] and it’s a little bit different here. I don’t think there has ever been danger of chaos with us this season.”

It’s a difficult situation because journalists have now got the measure of Szczesny and are able to feed him questions that will lead to provocative answers. I can’t help but wish that he’d put aside the fixation with opposition clubs and start focusing on Arsenal. It’s good to see passion at any level of the game and it’s clear that he’s a Gooner through and through, but it couldn’t hurt if he started to conduct himself with a bit of class through the media.

The Chelsea comments may just be a retread of what everybody’s thinking, but as a fellow professional you’d think Szczesny should stay clear.

I’d sooner see Szczesny focusing on his own career than on the careers of others. Why can’t he focus on what he’s doing right (lots) and work on what’s not quite working for him yet (his distribution)?

What’s your take? Is Szczesny just voicing his opinion or is he being a loudmouth?

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  • Olami Naija says:

    It’s pretty awful you initially describe him as “a Gunner through and through” then went on asking if we think he’s a loudmouth! I think it’s about time we encouraged a true Gunner to give back to disrespectful footballers of other teams what they’ve always given to Arsenal. The Evras, the Ibrahimovics and so on should now be wary of what they say about Arsenal. Keep it Sczcesny.

  • Dave says:

    when he stops winning games you can question his focus. Let him talk, the confidence rubs off.

  • Chris says:

    He is only opinionated because he wants a spot on I’m a celebrity.. Get me outa here when his career is over. Possibly Celebrity Big Brother.

  • barcamyass says:

    he is a Legend! Whats this bullshit article for?

  • Ezekiel 4rm nigeria says:

    Carry on Szcney,playas like Joey Barton,Evra n d rest wil nw reduce dier insult on ARSENAL 4 fear of counta attack,but do concentra8 on ur weak links as well

  • uwakxy says:

    I really disagree with you olami…Arsenal is a club that has been known for discipline…our rapports with the media in previous seasons have always been characterized by positive infractions and attractive tendencies….szczecsny should understand that his discourteous replies are traps by the media who would love to capitalize on his personal antipathies to dent his career….he should refrain from ill comments albeit deservedly of the opposition as they are not in consonance with what we are known for…Up ARSENAL…

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