Why there’s only one real candidate for the Chelsea job:

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What can you say about that man Jose Mourinho? Whatever you may think of him, he is one hell of a character and with all the unrest at Chelsea we may be about to see a return of the “Special One” to the Premier League – it will be entertaining if nothing else!

The presence of Mourinho cannot be highlighted more than the unsettling amount of mangers that have come through the revolving door at Chelsea since his departure. The only reason I can think of for his sacking was his failure to deliver the Champions League trophy to Stamford Bridge, however neither have any of his replacements! Ancelotti was also the only other man to win the league – whereas Mourinho’s career went from strength to strength; winning Europe’s top prize with Inter Milan, even beating favourites Barcelona in the
semi-finals. Strong credentials, indeed, that Abramovich just let go so easily.

I would argue that had Mourinho stayed, been allowed to strengthen and rebuild his squad then Chelsea may have won the competition by now and if not, then at least have come mighty close!

After all, however much Jose loves his team he loves himself just as much, if not more and his ego thrives on the limelight of success and he is chasing the very prestigious honour of a hat-trick of Champions League triumphs with three different clubs – something he must be desperate to achieve!

It also cannot be denied that when AVB admitted to feeling the “…ghost of Mourinho” he must have felt under pressure to get the players onside, especially, when they didn’t want Jose to leave in the first place. They are clearly still uneasy about his departure and any new manager coming in will always experience hostility until this current group of players, such as Terry and Lampard, stop playing for the team and are no longer a dominant force in the dressing room! Meaning the new “boss” will always have a mountain to climb before he even gets started on the chase for trophies and a return to former glories for the club.

Jose Mourinho is like Marmite for anyone who follows another club, you either love him or hate him, but it cannot be denied that if he was in charge of your team you would be over the moon! The arrogance of the man is so fantastic and his self belief transmits to the players, the teams’ performances and it ends up reaping rewards.

Abramovich’s millions were the catalyst for all the changes at Chelsea but it was Mourinho who used that money to produce progress and ultimately the trophy cabinet began to fill up. No matter how much the Russian has put in and given to the club it is hard to argue that he is the reason for their current downfall! Furthermore if all his chopping and changing of managers doesn’t reap the rewards he is looking for soon; he could easily become very bored of his very expensive toy; which would just be disastrous for Chelsea and could leave the club in a whole heap of trouble.

As for the Portuguese starlet, it would not just be Chelsea who would benefit by his return. I for one would love this egotistical, football mad controversial character back every Saturday; sparring with the Premierships finest managers. I highly doubt his ego or stubbornness would admit a mistake but Roman do us all a favour and bring back The Special One please!

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