Are Spurs about to run out of steam?

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Tottenham have been high flying in the Premier League this season but seem to have slipped of late. After being dismantled at the Emirates after being 2 goals to the good they then followed that result with a poor display against Manchester United, leaving them effectively out of the title race and now not so comfortable in the Champions League places. They currently have their North London rivals right on their shoulders, only 4 points behind when 2 weeks ago there was a 10 point difference. 7 points ahead of 5th place, Champions League football is far from guarenteed.

I never believed Spurs had a chance of winning the title, of course it was mathematically possible but I thought the slip up would come. It has come, Spurs need to get back to winning ways and form quickly all risk all their hard work accounting for nothing at the end of the season. There is still plenty of time, it’s not at a crisis stage yet and they could still finish above Arsenal for the first time in over a decade. Spurs know what they want, they just need to get themselves back on track fast to maintain the best possible chance of reaching their ambitions. The biggest question mark is what has caused this change? It was all running so smoothingly, so where did the bump in the road appear from?

It could partly be down to the situation with the vacant England job. The country wants, and believes, that Redknapp will be the next England manager and everyone expects him to take the job if it is offered to him. This could be what is affecting the players, if they believe that their beloved manager will be leaving his post. With a change of manager comes uncertainty, especially when it’s not a decision made to improve the club or down to poor performances and results. That said, the FA have stated that any decision will come at the close of the Premier League season so the players should put their concerns at bay until the summer.

Another possible reason could be the pressue being put onto┬áthe players. Expectations have been extremely high at White Hart Lane this season for the first time in a while. Tottenham have been improving season by season, with their peak difficult to identify. The fans believe their peak to be at the top, like every football fan does. With the Premier League crown now seemingly out of reach the focus turns to securing Champions League football for next term and finishing above their great rivals. It’s always easier to chase than it is to lead and with Arsenal’s recent results their morale is booming.

Tottenham simply cannot afford any more slip ups. They need to kick themselves back into gear and they need to do it fast. Time is running out, the season is only a couple of months away from it’s climax and Spurs need to ensure that they can look back with a positive outcome at the end of the year. Personally I think they will be alright in the end, but I’ve been proved wrong before.

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  • Arnold says:

    It would be wise to let Redknapp go to England this will save Spurs paying the idiot compensation when Levy sacks him. Remember Keegan
    I luv it luv it and all that 12 points clear look what happened to them. Redknapp is u/s and can take the club no further.

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