Wenger’s absolute monarchy looks to be in permanent decline:

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Anyone who watched the recent series Versailles on BBC 2 would know it tells the story of the rise and fall of the Bourbon dynasty through the eyes of three successive monarchs which eventually culminates in the seismic Revolution. It is a story of progressive decline illustrated by the gradual erosion in governing standards; from the iron willed and unquenchable Louis XIV to the ill equipped Louis XV and finally to the bumbling and indecisive Louis XVI. For Arsenal football club the rise and fall of a dynasty can be shown through the eyes of one man.

In the aftermath of the 8-2 destruction at Old Trafford, this space asked the question what is lower than rock bottom Wenger? The answer it seems is getting trounced by vastly superior Milan and then getting outfought by a rejuvenated Sunderland thus exiting two cup competitions in a week.

The results have exposed Arsenal for what they really and taken away the façade of Van Persie`s brilliance. They are a second rate power who have not only stagnated but regressed under their once imperious leader. No longer can Arsenal football club be considered anything but an afterthought for a trophy.

Managers are often unfairly blamed for their team’s failings but in this case the evidence against Wenger is damning. Too often he has allowed quality players to leave and replaced them with potentials or substandard footballers. His decision to sever the link between the old and the new has resulted in a lack of smooth transition, the kind that United have mastered.

No one seems to have a conclusive idea as to Arsenal transfer spending power but that can offer no strong excuse as to Wenger transfer failings. Allowing Fabregas, Nasri and to a lesser extent Clichy to leave simultaneously has proved to be a catastrophic error. The last few years have seen Arsenal on the cusp of achieving something special before amusingly imploding in spring. This season the damage was done before a ball was kicked.

His tactical failings have been reported and they have prevented him from lifting the European cup, but domestically his ability to spot and nurture a world-class player and the ability to construct an attacking team have seen him amass a host of silverware. Defensively too he used to have an iron clad back four in place which was often shielded by terrier like midfielders, such commodities are now extinct at Arsenal, (but they can be seen down the road at Tottenham).

The most disturbing aspect of the whole saga is the managers infuriating attitude. His recalcitrance and pride have spilled over into delusion, arrogance and at times paranoia. He is beginning to resemble those nobles who continued to live the life of decadence in the palace of Versailles; unaware that unrest was sweeping the rest of the population. Wenger appears wholly resistant to change.

Wenger loves Arsenal; of that there is no doubt. It is his baby club, one that he has forged in his own image. For him to abdicate his throne would cause him immense emotional turmoil. However it makes it all the sadder he has let his own hubris take precedence over the needs of his squad. His frequent claims that Arsenal remain just a shade behind the superpowers of Europe has never really stood up to scrutiny but such boasts now look derisory.

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  • Nzekwe Asugha says:

    As long as Wenger remains as the Manager of Arsenal, the club will never win a thing. This Man doesn’t behave like a true European , who values his honour and name ,over and above any other thing.
    Agreed, that he has taken the club to its glorious height, at the same time, it is obvious to the most discerning minds, that he has also taken the club to its lowest ebb. The humiliation at Old trafford and San siro is more than enough for any Manager worth his pride to resign, but his stubborn nature and lack of ambition will not allow him to do so.
    This “i don’t care” attitude has already rubbed off on his players, who have invariably shown no serious ambition to win games, with the exception of RVP. With the present low mood in the camp, i am afraid that the club will win nothing and wont even make the top four at the end of the season. The only way out is for this stubborn Ijebu man to go. Wenger is hurting millions of Fans all over the world, especially in Nigeria. The solution is for the club to to be in the hands of a serious investor, not the type as presently constituted in Stan silence Kronke. They will lead the club to doom as they have done already. Shame to all of them.

  • Bart says:

    Great to read all these insightful articles by the knowledgeable, lovely jumping on the bandwagon, great re-use of gutter press cliches.. Bit like a shelf stacker at Aldi giving advice to the CEO of Shell how to manage the company.

  • Anicet says:

    i agree totally whith the article.
    Wenger behaviour is exactly the same like many regims in Africa in particular one from DRC and ruanda where some leaders try to stay in power despite the disapproval of their own population.
    Wenger is living in a world of confusion. This man(Wenger) is thinking Arsenal is his own business.
    he got no respect for other people because he is really arrogant but mr Wenger remember, soon or later you will leave your throne.

    • Anicet says:

      I agree totally with the article.
      Mr Wenger is tyrant. His behaviour is exactly the some like many African leaders who want to remain in power despite the disapproval of their own population.
      Mr Wenger is living in his own world full of illusion and confusion. I’m trying explain to mr Wenger that things have changed, he has to listen people opinion and try to be respectfull to people who love the Club and who are making this Club Great.

  • Jalal says:

    Since i ever read the aticle with make me happy and proud of the unkown to me except u. All what u has been stated is true and if the management does not push that outdated man on that position, im sure that they will see a greatest awful that they ever saw in the arsenal team, becous, from ebb to relegation is the potential progress of what winger always shown to the team, as a manager it’s too nonsence and intoxication lied. Hopes and the good prosperity never mentioning in his recent mamagement. we are totaly tied of his bad decition. No baying good players, selfish line up, teling us lies, leting our bigs names to go, siting on the bench to see how we lost and seen him self as sumting or a great manager. where a blind man with a greedy heart can be applicable to work in the bank, tanx.

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