Tottenham: The worst place for Eden Hazard

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Recent transfer windows have brought countless rumours and much speculation about the future of Eden Hazard.

The young Belgian, who has thoroughly impressed for his club, French Ligue 1 side Lille and his country has been the name on everybody’s lips when a big-money move is the topic of conversation.

Therefore, it is with no doubt that the flashy 21 year-old has interested England’s top clubs: Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and both halves of Manchester have, unsurprisingly been linked to Hazard-and it looks increasingly more inevitable that sometime in the near future, a very large sum of money is going to be forked out.

But who will it be?

After all, it is not only the English clubs who are interested; Real Madrid and Barcelona have both been sniffing around, as have other European giants and wealthy, up and coming clubs like P.S.G.

Despite the European status of the clubs rumoured to be interested in securing Hazard’s signature, it seems that Tottenham Hotspur will be Hazard’s future destination if, or when, he moves from France.

It may come as a shock to many; however Hazard has detailed himself how he wishes to join the London club. It is understandable how Hazard’s words have been taken with an element of surprise-Tottenham do not hold the same pedigree in Europe when compared to that of Real Madrid or Manchester United for example. Yet on the other hand, it makes perfect sense-as a winger himself, it seems obvious that Hazard has been attracted to Tottenham with their wide, speedy style of play. Plus, it would mean Champions League football (which is almost guaranteed at White Hart Lane next season).

Naturally, as any neutral will tell you, it is hard to dislike Harry Redknapp’s Spurs team who are arguably the most attractive side in the English Premier League this season.

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  • barretta says:

    It depends if he thinks he is better than Lennon or not. Hazard won the title with Lille and was awarded the player of the year on France – I think he will be good enough to get in the Spurs starting 11. Bitter, jealous gooner are you?

  • Ian says:

    You must be an Arsenal fan. Wouldnt want a player who thinks he can be guaranteed football anyway. He needs to earn his place in the side, no matter who he is or thinks he is.

  • Ronald says:

    What a load of rubbish.

    He’d got plenty of game time at Spurs.

    The main counter argument as to why he should go elsewhere is that Spurs don’t have the funds to maintain a regular challenge at the top of the league/champions league place

    • totnam says:

      Nob. Twelfth richest in Europe. Best football in Premier League. New 56,000 stadium. Joe Lewis multi-billionaire owner. Daniel Levy on board too. No, I can’t think why he would go there, duh!

  • Davy D says:

    I think Tottenham would be the best possible move for Hazard right now. It is clear that Tottenham play the best football in the league, fast, pass and move football, mixed up with wing play and the option to go long when necessary. Hazard could fit in to that team in a number of positions and filling 3 first team places out of the 4 of Bale, Hazard, Lennon and Van Der Vaart would mean a large number of games for all of them. Every single one of those players can play right across the attacking positions and switching one out and one in wouldn’t disturb Spurs’ fluency at all. Spurs would be a better move for Hazard than Man City (Hazard would play more and Spurs play better football). Arsenal and Chelsea (teams on the decline who both need a period of transition). Liverpool (do not play nearly as good football as Spurs). Barcelona and Real Madrid (Hazard probably not ready for a move to one of those two yet).

    The only club that could offer Hazard a similar opportunity to Tottenham is Man Utd – but I think their priority signings will lie elsewhere this Summer.

    • Phillipe M says:

      Having watched much English football this season I think Eden would fit in best at The Spurs. The Spurs play football that combines the best of English and European styles. Eden would fit into this perfectly with his quick feet and skill level. Eden would love playing with footballers like Bale, Van Der Vaart and Modric. From what I have seen The Spurs are on the verge of something beautiful, there is no reason why they will not stay ahead of Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool and maintain a challenge to the Manchester clubs over the forthcoming years.

      From a decision purely based on style of football, opportunity and fitting in the Spurs are a long way out in front in terms of the club suiting the player and the player suiting the club.

  • not blinkered says:

    Let’s hope this is the last of the kid’s half term holiday articles!!

  • Will says:

    The REAL point here is Why in FH would he want to go anywhere else ie : dying Chelsea, moribund Arsenal,Tiring MU, Mercenary heaven MC or living on old memories LPool?

  • jamstu says:

    Quality and talent have always been allowed freedom at White Hart Lane. Tottenham Hotspurs have always played or tried to play in an open expansive way, even when not good enough to do so. If he chooses to go to a different club let’s hope his game is not restricted in a tight and regimented formation. It would not be at Spurs and perhaps he and his father have noticed this.

  • Dean says:

    Hilarious that the blogger stated that England’s top clubs include: Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool, yet expresses surprise that Hazard would consider going to a club above all of those clubs in the league! Chelsea and Arsenal are in turmoil, Liverpool have been in decline for some time….Spurs have consistently been a top 5 club (the 2 points from 8 games season aside)for a number of seasons now.

  • JP says:

    Hazard is perfect for Spurs. Him and Bale in the same team, not to mention Lennon or Van der Vaart would be absolutely devastating. He also seems a very level-headed, intelligent bloke – he’ll move for footballing reasons not money. If we can also bring in his compatriot Vertonghen, secure Adebayor permanently and have a gamble on Leandro Damiao our squad will be ready to challenge for years to come (as long as we hold on to our key players).

    I think Levy has targeted these players – all ambitious signings but not completely unrealistic. I’d take a punt on Moyes taking charge in the summer too – the only worry is whether we can attract these players when Redknapp goes. Also think Moyes will keep the club stable – hopefully keep a hold of the rest of the back-room staff who seem to be doing well.


  • TonyRich says:

    Chelsea is the worst place for him. Arsenal & Liverpool could pay him more, but I don’t think that he would be better off there than Spurs. Man U probably the best place for him. Man U are a little bit light in the Midfield dept – although centre mid is their biggest concern.

    • donny spurs says:

      annother jelous none spurs supporter why crnt ppl just be happy with the players own choice just because he didnt and wouldnt go to your team! and as nasty as this sounds man u would not be the team they are today if the mhunic air desaster never happend!

  • bob says:

    I never thought people would making comments about spurs like this it a good feeling looking at comments from 08 compaired to now.Lets hope this continues.

  • Marc says:

    Eden is a great player. Tottenham are a nearly great team but with eden they will be a great team.

  • spursguv says:

    I’ll be surprised (happily) if we sign this guy. We could do with him right now. As good a squad we have we still need cover at LB and Rb and a decent CB. with ade, modders and VDV ill or injured our spark is missing. But at 35m or even 25m it seems a stretch for spurs. I hope i am proven wrong and we get him. I hope we get caulker back too, tho i’d reckon he’ll stay at swansea picking up some experience. I think young hazard has done a good job of starting off a bidding war. If Barca/Real are in the mix I’m sure he will go elsewhere. I’m more concerned about spurs keeping modderic and bale. We need to win the cup and qualify for the champs league like never before.

  • ilovespurs says:

    This article makes no sense? Tottenham are allowed to have more than just a ‘first team’ and there is something called rotation in football. Having Lennon, Bale, Kranjcar, Hazard and van der Vaart as the attacking midfielders is amazing for Spurs as it shows strength in depth which is what you need if you want to compete for the title and in the Champions League.Hazard seems like a smart boy if he is choosing a team like Spurs because there would be less pressure on him to do well and he can learn from the other wingers we have at the club. Being a winger is one if the hardest jobs in the Premier League because fullbacks are really good and keep tight- he needs the guidance from others like Bale and Lennon who have played in the league for some time now. And explain to me how loosing Redknapp makes us a club going backward? Who ever takes over from Harry is such a lucky person- to have all the bits in place and to inherit such a wonderful footballing team, Hazard would just be the icing on the cake. We are a team on the up and with or without Harry we will still be on the up unless we loose half our squad in the summer which I’m sure will not happen. And name a team which will be better? Real Madrid, Bareclona- how is he going to get into the team over Messi and Ronaldo? Arsenal maybe but they might not be in the Champions League and Chelsea change manager more than anyone. Hazard and Spurs are just the prefect fit!COYS!

  • donny spurs says:

    omg i take it you dont support spurs hazard would keep a inconsistant, poor crossing,poor decision making lennon everyday off the week my suggestion to you stop being jelous and think before you open that immature mouth!

  • simon says:

    Very interesting article…… You seem to have missed out points of greater significance…. White and blue aren’t his favourite colours…..and Tottenham has too many T’s in it and he may not be able to pronounce it…..and finally they don’t sell waffles at White Hart Lane….. which brings me to your points….. ABSOLUTE WAFFLE!!
    If he’s good enough he’ll get in the team and more importantly those around him will up their game too as a result…..which can only benefit a club….
    On your analysis he would be far better playing for Barnsley than Barcelona rather than risk having any bench time….
    Your article stinks of a depressed gooner !!

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