Date: 20th February 2012 at 2:00pm
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Jose Alberti has made a name for himself as an expert when it comes to South American football, so when he makes announcements regarding the future of players from that part of the world, people tend to give him his due amount of credence. All of which is pre-amble for Alberti’s claims that and Argentina striker Ezequiel Lavezzi will be a Liverpool player next season.

Speaking to Radio CalcioMercato, Alberti was pretty frank when it came to Lavezzi’s future:

“When Lavezzi discovers that Cambiasso and other players earn much more [than] him, it is normal to want a change. He’s doing very well for Napoli, but he is 27-years-old and it is time for a change”.

“Ezequiel Lavezzi will definitely leave Naples at the end of the season, but he will not go to Italy; He will move to England and sign for Liverpool”.

These are surprisingly definitive claims, especially considering that the player himself recently committed his future to Napoli. Choice quote: “My future? I believe that I will be at Napoli next season”.

But what Alberti is saying does appear to have some ring of truth. Players around 27/28 begin to look for their last major contract and Lavezzi may be unwilling to sign for Napoli if he feels they have been underpaying him. It’s difficult to know if Lavezzi is just playing to the fans, or even if Alberti has managed to get his grubby mitts on a genuinely revealing piece of information.

Liverpool do have a history when it comes to Lavezzi. Back in 2009, Rafa Benitez attempted to sign the Argentine – something that was backed up by the claims of his agent. Could it be that Kenny Dalglish has reignited the Red’s interest?

And if they could persuade Napoli to sell, would he be a good purchase? It’s clear that he’s a real talent, my only concern is that he doesn’t strike me as an out-and-out striker. He looks more like a Luis Suarez type forward than an Andy Carroll type and this isn’t necessarily what Liverpool need at the moment.

It’s clear that Napoli rely on for their main goal threat, whilst Lavezzi’s figures of 4 goals form 18 appearances this season and 6 goals from 31 appearances the season prior suggest he’s more of a secondary striker. Basically: he’s not a natural goalscorer, which is what Liverpool really need.

He oozes class, but I think at this stage I’d honestly rather see Darren Bent at the club. It’s time for Liverpool to get practical and start seeking out genuine solutions to the problems within their squad.

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