If the FA want Redknapp they must act now:


Harry Redknapp is the name everyone is touting for the next England boss and I don’t think many people would argue with the FA’s decision to install him as manager should this happen. However, if the FA want him they should make their move for him now and I’m sure even the Tottenham fans would agree with that. Making a decision sooner, rather than later will allow everyone involved to move on and focus fully on preparing for the tournament. We might even get a new captain too!

Redknapp has declared publicly that he is only concentrating on Spurs at the moment and that will not change until any approach is made, if it is made. While I don’t doubt what he is saying is true he must be wondering when the FA will make their move.

The media have heaped so much praise on Redknapp and the public outcry for an Englishman to take the job has been so strong that it is almost unfeasible to see the FA going for anybody else. There isn’t another English manager who boasts a CV like Harry for starters. So what is the delay? If the FA want Harry, they should go and get him. He doesn’t have to take over team affairs now but at least knowing that he will at the end of the domestic season will provide everyone with some reassurance.

Redknapp will understandably want to finish the season with Spurs so he can see them return to the Champions League. Nobody should begrudge him that. Once the domestic season is done, Redknapp could then turn his attention to England. He knows what all the players are about already and will have to succeed where others have failed, in bringing the best out of them in a major tournament. Redknapp is a likeable character and a handful of the current crop of England players have already backed him for the role, as has Manchester United boss, Sir Alex Ferguson.

The players will enjoy playing for him and the fans will enjoy watching the brand of the football he believes in. It appears to be a perfect match. It doesn’t mean we will win Euro 2012, far from it in fact, but we could go there with a united squad led by a passionate Englishmen. That is certainly better than the position we find ourselves in at the moment.

If the powers that be at the FA want Harry Redknapp they need to make their move now so everyone including Tottenham knows where they stand. We can all then wait and see what happens this summer with great anticipation. The feeling this year is one of hope rather than expectation and that might just work in our favour.

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  • vinnyvinny says:

    Nothing is going to happen between now and the end of the season so why do they have to get him now?
    The FA are being fair to harry and spurs and letting them concentrate on finishing their season. And then once that last ball is kicked in May FA comes in for him and he goes. What’s the rush? After tonight’s game the England manager doesn’t do anything until the end of the season. Harry has spent his whole career in England. He doesn’t need to get to know the players, he’s seen them all more than you or I have had hot dinners, so he won’t learn anything new between now and May.
    Chill out!!

  • Ray says:

    Who the fuck is Thomas Flower?

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