Have bad refereeing decisions gifted the title to Manchester City?

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Ferguson was adamant about Kompany’s two footed tackle on Nani in the Manchester derby: he took time out to lay it down for referees – and to make sure that Kompany would be a marked man in the premiership run in.  We all know that if you say things loudly enough, and with enough conviction, people will believe you, and the Man United manager does apoplectic rage very well – it suits his basic Glaswegian persona.

That tackle, good or bad, knocked City out of the Carling as well as the FA Cup.  Meanwhile, in the past two matches United have been awarded four penalties, and we’ve suffered the pantomime of Mancini, head choir boy, and Rooney, schoolboy snitch, waving red cards and embarrassing themselves and the game. 

Then there are Villas Boas’ comments, skulking around the interview room like a beaten schoolboy, complaining about United’s second penalty against Chelsea.  The fact is that Ferguson looms over the premiership like a luminous pink helium balloon, or schoolboy bully.  How annoying for all us non-United fans that he keeps on getting it right.

Ferguson has built such a reputation that when the chips are down, like they were on Sunday, United just get better, whilst the opposition tremble like jelly.  They certainly are messing with your brains, Chelsea, Man City, Tottenham Hotspur.  And Liverpool?  Obviously.

But was Kompany’s sending off a gift for City?  Out of the cups, so more time for the League – that’s a good thing!  Rumours are that Mancini, being Italian, really only cares about the league. 

Meanwhile Vincent Kompany enrols for an MBA, conducts himself with calm intelligence and sound moral values, tweets in three different languages, and we know that City’s defence is in intelligent and capable hands for the premiership run in, and the foreseeable future.

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  • Jo says:

    Only time will tell

  • HeavyRiffs says:

    No, as Kompany missed vital league games also, if we win it, it will be through skill, grit and determination, we don’t accept gifts.

  • Stuart Reed says:

    Have bad refereeing decisions gifted the title to Manchester City???!!! What a load of BS
    The decisions bad decisions have been AGAINST City

  • CC Cracker says:

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Harken and perk thy ears! Open the visual acuity and perceive the momentous nature of this year! As the days go bye and the results roll in, then see now forming a titanic battle. The year of the ultimate battle between Manchester City and Manchester United. The winner of this battle will song as glorious for as long as football is ever played between man.

  • Col says:

    Did you read the article? I’m pretty sure you didn’t.

  • Jem says:

    Were you stoned when you wrote this?

  • James says:

    The decisions City have had have been dealt have been nothing short of appalling. Cup competitions, league points and key players have been taken away on whims because of biased decisions. Man United have had 2x reds (both deserved) and one game changer ALL SEASON (a pen against Ferdinand)v Newcastle (H).

    City are dealing with game changing and absurdly inconsistent refereeing routinely. They have had 6x reds all of which are controversial and they also concede more penalties than their rivals. Man United have just had 4 CONSECUTIVE PENALTIES in 180 minutes, but no-one is checking the record books on that one are they?

    No because City are being favoured! Your having a laugh mate.

    Your headline should have United in it certainly NOT City!

  • Dextersmart says:

    Watching Aguero score the second goal against United in the FA Cup made me realize that the master plan to keep we the CITIZENS down has instead awakened a beast!

    They have forced the focus of Man City to sky rocket and every player is seeing each game as a personal vendetta between them and Manchester United!

    Even Carlos Tevez wants a dance in this party. Taking of Manchester City from the cup games have made the league the only egg in the basket and they will guard it with blood and sweat. I cannot wait to see how many more injuries United can cope with as the CITIZENS turn the heat up!

    Welcome Yaya! Welcome Kolo! Welcome Mario! Welcome Kompany! Welcome Tevez!!! Fight well today, take the 2 weeks break and unleash the beast.


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