Has It Ended For Andre Before It Has Even Begun?


Yet who can truly blame Villas Boas for this struggle? Andre has had little time to form a team of his own, and with the players he has bought in, including Mata, Romeu and Lukaku, the former has slotted in with immediate gusto and quality, leaving Chelsea fans wondering how the coped without him in previous years, and the latter two are clear signs of future quality, with Lukaku only 18 years of age, and Romeu a former Barca youngster with apparent Premier League quality.

This process will take time, and with the manager kicking every ball, getting involved in every goal line scrap, and responding to media criticism with the same Mourinho charm (or arrogance depending on how you look at it), the chance for success in the Blue side of London is still very much on the cards in coming years. Furthermore, the Champions League and F.A. Cup are far from over, and bettering the Manchester clubs in both of these respects is something pleasant for Chelsea supporters to draw from an unexpected and confusing season so far.

Overall it appears daft in some respects to remove Andre Villas-Boas from his post less than 8 months after he moved over to the English game. It is important to remember Villas Boas inherited an aging team, with Drogba, Terry, and arguably Lampard past their best. The signings of Mata, Lukaku and Romeu, as previously mentioned, leave a bright future for any Chelsea fans that can bare to stick around that long, and with Villas Boas only 34 himself, should the club stick with him, it could be beneficial engagement for fans and manager alike in the long term. However this leaves a choice to make.

The 3-0 to 3-3 slump against Manchester United appeared to sum up the disappointment throughout this season, leaving Chelsea fans wanting change sooner rather than later. The idea of success is a lovely thought, and understandably, Chelsea supporters would appreciate some short term success to keep the blood pumping, which may not be too forthcoming. However if the blue side of Manchester is anything to go by, sticking with Villas-Boas could be the best thing that Chelsea could do for long term success, making them a stronger force in London and the Premier League once more.

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