Football’s furry friends – The Anfield Cat


The 3-minute Santa Fe Dog

Back in October 2011, in a game between Independiente Santa Fe and Botafogo, a sandy-coloured dog burst on to the pitch and proceeded to dodge match officials and jink and jerk in between home and away players alike. In a stereotyped Latin scenario, a man took to the pitch with a red plastic bag and attempted to play matador in order to coax the trespassing dog from the field of play: however, the four-legged fiend, having lulled the stadium into a false sense of security, got to the edge of the pitch before changing his mind and sprinting back on for more exercise. Eventually, having suitably allowed the home side to recover, having been run ragged for near-on seventy minutes, reflected in the 4-0 score line, the pitch invader left of his own accord. His ability to stop, stand and stare apparently was the inspiration for Mario Balotelli………..

The Deportivo Pereira Owl

Last February, Luis Moreno decided it was ok to kick an already injured owl off a football pitch, as it led still on the side of the pitch, having already been hit by the ball. The owl, considered as a club mascot by the home team, had wandered on to the pitch and unfortunately chose the wrong time to join the action: the ball was within the owl’s close proximity and fell victim to firstly the ball and secondly the boot of the callous defender. Now, the player, having received threats and fines, has left the club and now plays for Tauro. The owl sadly died in relation to the incident.

The game finished 0-0 proving my time was better spent writing this.

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