Does anyone give a sweet FA about England anymore?

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So here we are again – England need a new manager! Harry Redknapp is most people’s first choice and I must agree that I would like to see him at the helm. What he has done with Tottenham is nothing short of unbelievable; however am I alone in really not caring about the National team anymore? The announcement of the squad to face Holland was barely news!

You can call me unpatriotic but I am a lover of the game, I like excitement, a spectacle and to be entertained. England do none of the fore mentioned. The team is stale, lifeless and the lack of progress is shocking!

I also find it baffling how people are so blinded by loyalty that they still think the team has a chance at every major tournament when it comes around. The build up is more exciting than anything that ever happens on the pitch.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love England to be World champions but realistically it can’t happen without the Spanish and Dutch both mysteriously not turning up and even then England would have to be lucky and fluke their way through past minnowers!

Something they only managed to do by scraping through by the skin of their teeth in South Africa. By the way the team are built up every two years, by fans, we should have breezed past Algeria, Slovenia and United States, not to be disrespectful but they are hardly world beaters. However that is just my point neither are England, regardless of what the most patriotic of supporters say; they are average at best.

The players just seem to go through the motions on International duty, the ridiculous amount of friendlies devalue watching the country play massively and with the FA unable to appoint a man worthy of the job, why would anyone put themselves through the suffering and disappointment of supporting England?
From my own personal point of view Fabio Capello is the reason I cannot stand to watch my country anymore!

The Italian mentality of being defensive and nicking a 1-0 win is all well and good if you can achieve it and it is successful but England couldn’t. So that should have been them tactics out of the window as they were never going to work at anything other than making fans switch off – I did and I am sure I was not alone.

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