Could Manchester United profit most from the managerial merry-go-round?

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For the benefit of this article, we are going to have to use a lot of speculation, assumption and fantasy. Where would the fun be otherwise?

Firstly, Harry Redknapp will take the England managers job. Stuart Pearce is the better long term choice but the nation wants Redknapp. I’m not sure if Redknapp will get the same buzz from international football as he does club football but we will assume Redknapp will be in charge for at least the European Championships. Jose Mourinho is tipped to leave Real Madrid this summer, especially as it looks like La Liga success is his to lose. Andre Villas-Boas faces a challenge just to keep his job this summer while if Manchester City finish the season without winning a trophy, that will heap pressure on Roberto Mancini.

Let’s assume that Real Madrid and Mourinho part company and the Spanish club comes calling for Arsene Wenger and Robin van Persie. That could be the new challenge Wenger can’t turn down. Then Arsenal in turn could look to Roberto Mancini to take over at the Emirates. A slightly unpopular choice of Fabio Capello or Andre Villas-Boas could take over at Manchester City.

With the possibility of Jose Mourinho going to a rival English club, could we see Sir Alex Ferguson take a step into the Manchester United hierarchy to make way for Jose Mourinho. That would leave Tottenham free to get David Moyes. Who knows what would happen to Everton without Moyes’  leadership?

It is strange to be talking about the teams likely to finish in the top 5 places in the league all changing their managers before next season starts. The fact remains, however, with a number of teams in the Premier League disappointing this year, changes will be made in the summer. It’s upto your club to profit from what will likely be a mad dash for the best talent.

For me, whoever ends up with Jose Mourinho in charge will have done the best job. He has had success whereever he goes and I can’t see his run stoping now.

What are your thoughts on this? Comment below.

Written by Wesley Hillier

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