Is Carlos Tevez’s return anything more than a PR excercise?

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Where to begin on the man that is Carlos Tevez?

Apparently he has been “…treated like a dog!” is this man for real? Having thousands even millions of pounds taken off you for refusing to do your job. That’s not cruel treatment, it is life. If us ‘ordinary folk’ refused to turn into work or perform a task asked of us we would be sacked and lose our wages, no hesitation.

Something that, unlike Tevez, a lot of us would be unable to afford to do! However, for this giant, overgrown ego he has been allowed to come crawling back with a mere apology and he is still complaining!

What planet is he on? I do not know how die hard City fans feel about the situation; you know the people that stick to the jobs, no matter how bad or underpaid, just so they can pay to watch their beloved team play on a hard earned weekend; wanting and willing them to play to the best of their ability, fighting for the cause and most important being committed to the club.

Something Carlos Tevez used to be known for, loved by West Ham fans for his part in their Premier League survival fight. A player who is still in Manchester United fans hearts even after leaving and moving to their ‘noisy neighbours’ and not forgetting a player not too long ago who was the Man City captain leading from the front and by example. Scoring goals highlighting City’s rise up the premier league table and during the process which saw the perspective the club was seen, by the rest of the world, change.

That aside, I cannot see an apology being enough for the fans. However football and its supporters are fickle and if Carlos plays well and scores the goal that wins the league title, all may be forgiven, but I think, even for the most loyal of fans, wanting to see their club topple United, it may be through gritted teeth.

Whether this pampered princess is up to the fight of getting the fans on side is another question; we can only wait and see and time will tell. That is if Mancini plays Tevez enough, is it worth risking another fiasco by putting him on the bench?

But in all seriousness, I am unsure whether the City boss was somewhat pressured into accepting an apology and letting the Argentine back. After everything that has been said and done it is hard to swallow that everything is hunky dory all of a sudden; a PR exercise trying too hard perhaps? Only club insiders know fully what has gone on.

Nonetheless, the way he has lost a few months’ wages (peanuts to him) and then just allowed to come back is dangerous territory for the club, fans, Mancini and most of all the game itself! Players like Tevez should be made an example of; players are role models for young kids, ambassadors for the football clubs we love and they are highly paid for it – and to add insult to injury it is us fans that contribute a large chunk towards their highly inflated salaries.

Whatever happens and whether Carlos Tevez gets his desired move, only time will tell, but one thing is for sure the man needs a good reality check, pinch himself, realise just how lucky he is and what a privileged position he finds himself in; because if he doesn’t he could look back on his career with such regret, after all he is still only 27 years of age, he can be an amazing talent and has so much more football to play and showcase to the world. He just needs to take a good, long hard look at himself and decide whether he wants to be remembered for his footballing achievements or that footballer who was so spoilt he refused to play for the club who paid his lavish wages!

Whatever happens this could define City’s final league position – good or bad!


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