Arsene’s Eden Hazard interest reveals a deeply troubling truth about Arsenal’s financial situation:

Image for Arsene’s Eden Hazard interest reveals a deeply troubling truth about Arsenal’s financial situation:

Here’s a quote from Arsene Wenger that ought to have Arsenal fans foaming at the mouth: “I would love to have [Eden] Hazard in my midfield”. Talking to Belgium website Wenger was expressing his opinion on Lille’s highly coveted attacking-midfielder Eden Hazard. The Belgium International has been making a name for himself for a couple of years now in Ligue 1 but the time now appears to be approaching when he’ll leave to join one of European football’s best Leagues.

Lille seem to have accepted that he’ll move on this summer and Hazard himself has claimed that he’d favour a move to La Liga. But after Wenger’s latest comments and Arsenal’s prolonged interest, could he be persuaded to make a move to the Premier League? Whatever the case, the Gunner’s would face staunch competition from the likes of Chelsea and Real Madrid.

The Daily Mirror also ran with quotes from Wenger in which he confessed his admiration for the Belgium midfielder: “I really like him (Hazard) and, for several reasons: it’s his creative power, his ability to mis-align the opponent, his vision of the game and his consummate skill to address the last pass which make him a very interesting player.”

It’s clear that Wenger has been keeping tabs on the 21-year-old but that something has held him back from making a move. This strange situation receives illumination with the following Arsene Wenger quote: “You should know that each season, it is imperative to show a profit of between fifteen and twenty million pounds. I would add that the purpose of a coach is to always buy at a price he sees fit.”

That to me is startling. Yes it’s important to not make a loss, but to aim for such a large profit marginseems backwards. How can a club improve their football if they always if it always have to post a £20m profit? In a world where Chelsea and Man City have been able to buy their way to success this just doesn’t seem to make sense. Is this primarily a football club or a business? At the moment it’s unclear.

Arsenal fans pay a fortune for season-tickets and quite frankly deserve better. When you add in money made from shirt sales, merchandise and from money spinning summer tours, it makes you wonder about the way this club is being run. Nobody wants to see Arsenal spend beyond their means – they just want to see their side competing. Competing on the pitch and in the transfer market, something they’ve been unable to do lately.

It’s a sad situation, but if Wenger can’t go after a player he admires because he’s got to keep an eye on the club’s finances then the fans have every right to question how well their money is being utilized.

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  • guest says:

    About time to change ownership. It was always money before club under the old ownership as well. So if it is a proper commercial venture,treat it like one,put the company on float. For now like it was then,only for private owner’s profit and pleasure under disguise,the fans should demand better.

  • jeremy says:

    Then Arsenal better be a mid table team.The move from Highbury was to generate funds for the club to compete. Sadly the fans have been ripped off and won’t trust the board any more.

  • TH14 says:

    I thought the board said this would be a self substained club? Why should their be a profit each year?

    Does self substained mean that the supports have to pay for players wages/ transfers and to put 15-20 million in Stans pocket each year?

    I am for sure wont be, I love the Arsenal but us supporters are getting rip off by the Arsenal Board…

  • Bart says:

    ‘Ought to have foaming at the mouth?’ Who are you to tell me what I ‘ought’ to do? Let me guess, you’re a Spud sh!t stirring.

  • TH14 says:

    Nope not a Spud, just a supporter seeking value for money, and considering Arsenal tickets are the highest in the prem, I atleast would have liked to see a team that can challenge at the top and not see our best players been sold and replaced with low quality players.

    You ought to be foaming at the mouth, to think its ok to have increased and charge very high ticket prices to see lower and lower quality of football.

  • If players like Harzad join arsenal other club will be fearing when they are to play against arsenal because the will lose.

  • Flavour says:

    Did you watch any video where you saw Arsene making this comments? So this is from the “SUN” and without prove people are here debating on it as if it is the truth. Get proof and write on facts not on speculations or remours. If anything, the phone tapping has proved to us what journalism is in the UK. Never believe everything you READ from the papers. They all have their own clubs and political party they support so they will never tell you the truth since we know they have never supported Arsenal in any way.

  • Drew says:

    Unclear whether we’re a football club or a business? Unfortunately for AFC fans it seems crystal clear.

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