Are these the transfer fixes Arsenal need to make this summer?

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A started assessing Arsenal’s future prior to their mauling by AC Milan in the week. After Saturdays FA Cup defeat to Sunderland, the facts do seem more inevitable.

Now I know Arsenal fans will blame the early season departures, but that didn’t stop Arsenal hauling themselves on an incredible pre Christmas run. Fuelled by Robin Van Persie’s goals, the team shot back up the table and into contention. The pre-season departures were forgotten then.

Other fans will say Arsene Wenger cannot take Arsenal any further forward. But are there any other viable candidates available at the moment? I agree Wenger might need to adjust his transfer philosophy but I think he has earned the right to leave when he wants to.

The simple fact is Arsenal’s squad just isn’t good enough. They need an experienced back up goalkeeper to start with. Fabianski doesn’t inspire confidence and looks a liability every time he plays.

Now I admit Arsenal’s first choice back four are pretty decent. Well that would be if they could keep Kieran Gibbs fully fit. I don’t think Andre Santos is a decent enough defender nor do I rate Per Mertesacker. Youwould say Arsenal need a centre back and a left back then.

Theo Walcott, Mikel Arteta, Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshire, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Alex Song are players worth keeping but again they need one or two additions in midfield. A wide man who is good on either foot is a necessity and Arsenal also need a tough tackling central-midfielder.

Hopefully the return of Frimpong can solve that problem. I have not been impressed with Gervinho and have never rated Rosicky. Yossi Benayoun has not made a case for a permanent move.

Finally, Arsenal have a major battle in keeping Robin van Persie. I will be amazed if he is still an Arsenal player by next season. Who else is there at the club if he goes? In my eyes Arsenal need at least two forwards as well – would a move for Lukas Podolski and Daniel Sturridge satisfy the fans?

What are your thoughts on Arsenal’s woes? Comment below.

Written by Wesley Hillier

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  • stu says:

    it comes down to what deals can be done, how much money we can raise. not sure anyone we want to buy our fringe players.

    i would sell or swap wallcott for sturidge. think we could fine a buyer for wallcott at least.
    pretty sure someone in russia will buy arshavin, but we wont get much if anything for him, but frees up some wages. i would like to see four signings of quality. a forward, oliver grioud, sturridge or podolski. a midfield player of stature ie yann m’villa. a good defender, vertonghen, samba. then you have the hollywood signing if possible get a gotze or hazard. this will be very tricky. wage structure needs to be broken and investment as i call it needs to be made. spending money aimlessly is not what we need but surely all business men can see the profit in wise investment. plus improving the team will make our rubbish players look good or better, so we could ship them out the following transfer window. people i think we could find buyers for are wallcott, rosicky, arshavin, chamack, not sure about anyone else. no one will touch squallachi, bentner, denilson, maybe we could cancel bentners contract for getting arrested. doubt it though.

  • Sam says:

    If arsrnal should be sturridge its a disgreas to the club

  • gunnernigeria says:

    I beg to differ on a few points:
    If Arsene is disposed of, which I think he has earned the right to, I dare say that David Moyes would do a better job, Coyle at Bolton has managed to bring the best out of our playyers, so why not hand him the whole team, and if we can manage to find Frank Rijkaard, the good riddance to AW.

    Also Walcott has earned his seat in an out-bound taxi off the emirates. this week totally exposed him the more.

    Bendtner, Chamakh, Almunia and Arshavin should also make the clear out sales. AW has given us the song and clap about these prospects and we can see that they are just not worth keeping on the payroll. We need good players , not mediocres. Hence, Djourou, Squillachi, Diaby, and a host of “Potentials” should go.
    Just my penny’s worth.

  • Scotty says:

    To say we need to sign these players is wrong, because if the fact we HAD these players, Nasri – two footed midfielder, goal scorer – adebayor, ball winning midfielder – flamini all of who we have let go!

  • jeremy says:

    Wenger doesn’t bother about the defence.In this respect he reminds me Keegan. The latter once famously said if the other side scores one,I will score two. Sadly he forgot o r seems to ignore the fact it’s easier to defend than to score.Had he had his balance between attack and defence right, NU could have won the title in 96.
    Assuming Wenger uses the 55 million to buy new players,is there any guarantee he would not spend the money on some wc kids instead of the experienced and proven quality players?Furthermore with his accent on possession and passing philosophy isn’t it more of the same tactical style which has not worked?Especially the passing fever and reluctanc to shoot?
    There is no variation in the attack. No high balls
    because the fm wants the ball to be played to feet.
    If there is no change in tactics and player buying,the gunners will still be stuck in a limbo. Something needs to change.Wenger has got to change his philosophy.If not he should resign or be forced out. No face saving way for him to go upstairs. That is how stubborn and arrogant managers should be dealt with. Yeah I know his credentials are impressive but that was a long time ago.

  • Davi says:

    The players who really should go are chamakh, arshavin and theo, in that order. I think Djourou might be another who is just not making enough progress, despite his real underlying talent, but apart from that, there’s no one who I feel really SHOULD leave. I think Coquelin answers that extra “tough-tackling” midfielder role, although I don’t think I could say no to a return for Flamini, personally. Signing Podolski would be wonderful imo, especially if we hang on to RVP. I imagine those two would work brilliantly together, as Podolski has the necessary composure to play the required pass when he get’s to the by-line, and shockingly, I would expect RVP to score even more goals with service coming from him.
    Mertesacker has done well, and is a good 3rd choice CB imo, and Gervinho has done pretty well so far. I expect the Ivorian to continue to improve, so I think it is a mistake to judge him too harshly, given that he has only been here for a few months. We tend to make more chances when he is playing, but his decision-making is not great currently.

  • Nathan says:

    Well i respect what you have to offer, but i beg to differ. Gervinho has definitely been a boost to us, yes you might point out that his finishing isnt top drawer but that would be sorted with a little of confidence, he has pace and the technical ability on the ball and can zip past defenders with ease and can run with the ball. It would be really exciting to have Gervinho or right wing and Chameberlain on the left.

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