After his recent MotM performance does this Arsenal star deserve a starting berth?

Image for After his recent MotM performance does this Arsenal star deserve a starting berth?

Who could have seen that coming? Tomas Rosicky has been at Arsenal for six years now and I’m struggling to think of a better performance than his recent showing against Tottenham during Arsenal’s 5-2 victory. He may have scored better goals during his time at the club, but never has he looked so energised, so dynamic and so effective. That this has happened 2-3 years after he last did anything of any real note at 31-years-old is testament to the mantra-cum-cliché ‘Form is temporary, class is permanent’.

Robin Van Persie picked up the official Man of the Match award on the day, but for me Rosicky matched him and deserved to be recognised for his performance. It’s little wonder that after the game Arsene Wenger told the Press: ‘I love Tomas Rosicky’.

It’s easy to forget that during his time at Borussia Dortmund he was given the nickname ‘The Little Mozart’ for his ability to orchestrate play on the pitch. Unfortunately that moniker didn’t transfer over to his Arsenal career as his form has stuttered and stopped during his time at the club – but I think it’s fair to say that the Czech dynamo was back to his best on Sunday.

This doesn’t make up for lacklustre performances against Sunderland and AC Milan (although it’s not like any of the Arsenal team covered themselves in glory in those two games) but it does prove that Rosicky is still capable of performing at this level. The only question that remains: has he earned a place in the starting line-up ahead of Aaron Ramsey?

Whilst the Welshman has clearly tired as the season has worn on, Rosicky looks full of life and gives Arsenal some craft going forward. He hasn’t been much of a goal-threat in recent times but he took his goal well against Tottenham and this may spur him on to add to his tally. He may not score any more 20-30 yard wonder-goals, but he could still grab a few goals bursting into the box to get on the end of crosses.

The problem for Rosicky has surely been a tough slew of injuries throughout his Arsenal career. It’s difficult to develop any form of consistency when you’re simply not getting a run of games with your side. But with fitness and form on his side who knows what Rosicky could achieve? Could we be about to see the return of Little Mozart?

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  • Angel says:

    How come no one is talking about Gareth bale dive?
    Well one must admit disappointed of missing the game.
    When we went 2-0, I saw no reason of delaying the mss and decided to go and drown my sorrow in the park destroying whom ever on the basketball court and switching off my phones off.
    Only to discover we won the game… My punishment for giving up too early. Didn’t even record the game…

  • Gooner Pete says:

    Agree TR had a great game but so did Benayoun. He also deserves a run of games.

  • Chinedu says:

    Do agree,he rosisky needs more starts ahead of ramsey.What of ozykayup can’t he be at least kept on the bench & given some run ins & park also needs more starts with RVP.

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