£30m for Man City’s best player – Real Madrid are you havin’ a laugh?


Some transfer rumours defy belief whilst others are just plain stupid. There’s a difference between claiming that Manchester City are lining up a £100m deal for Cristiano Ronaldo and the claim that Real Madrid are preparing to bid £30m for Man City’s David Silva. The difference being that it’s stupid to suggest that moneybags City would ever consider accepting such a miserly offer for their star performer. Real Madrid might as well have merely offered the City a year’s supply of Skittles and a signed photo of Sami Khedira’s wife.

And yet the Star has claimed that Real Madrid have done exactly this. Apparently the Spaniards have been keeping a watchful eye on Silva’s progress over the past 18-months and are keen to bring the Spanish International to La Liga.

The trouble there is that David Silva has been one of the revelations of the season – after all he’s probably the best player in the team that are currently sitting pretty at the top of the Premier League. This means two things: Man City wont want to sell and Silva wont want to leave. After all, City look to have the Premier League all tied up for the next few seasons, whilst Real Madrid will always struggle to assert their authority over Barcelona.

The whole thing just doesn’t make any sense.

The lack of logic is typified by the Star’s seemingly arbitrary price-tag – £30m for David Silva? In what universe? Silva joined City back in summer 2010 for around £24m and has improved exponentially after having had time to settle in. I should now think that he’s worth around £50m, but even if Real Madrid did offer this much, City wouldn’t sell. This evaluation appears to completely bypass the fact that City are not in a position where they have to sell.

They are football’s new financial powerhouse: they’ve racked up a collection of international all-stars all taking huge wages, they can attract pretty much anyone they like and now they’ve even managed to hold football’s biggest mercenary, Carlos Tevez to ransom. But they’d even entertain a £30m deal for Silva? Phooey.

Of course, Silva will be too focused on winning the Premier League with City to pay much attention to these rumours. He’s the consummate footballing professional and is likely to attract more bogus headlines as the months go on. I’m sure, however, that he’ll remain a City player for years to come.

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  • Kealen says:

    The story is more to unsettle Silva as that’s how the Spanish press work. Flatter him with praise and interest from the big 2 Spanish clubs to try and make him long for home. After he’s unsettled, his transfer price drops because the club is stuck with a player who’s heart isn’t theirs anymore…

  • Jo says:

    Same thought aswell

  • Slacker says:

    Usual old shit from Spanish clubs trying to rattle the player before actually making an offer for him. It won’t work with City though, as has been proved with Tevez.

    If Spuds reckon Bale is worth £150mill Silva must be at least double that.

  • Xavi says:

    We got ozil, although silva is a great player Ozil is the future of Madrid so dnt believe what the press write mate. Hope u win the league, can’t stand those cunts in red

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