The £24m solution to Liverpool’s striking problem?


According to the Daily Mirror, Liverpool are keeping tabs on Aston Villa’s Darren Bent who they view as the man to fill-in for Luis Suarez during his enforced absence. This link has no doubt sprung from rumours concerning a breakdown in the relationship of Bent and Aston Villa boss Alex McLeish. After a £24m move last January, Bent has failed to score regularly and this is believed to have been at the heart of the rift between player and manager.

As for Liverpool, Andy Carroll is still struggling for form and Luis Suarez is facing a massive ban, so it’s clear that reinforcements are needed in this area. Craig Bellamy’s recent brace may stand him in good stead, but both he and Dirk Kuyt have been employed out wide in recent months. With the lack of goals in the squad and Darren Bent’s reputation as a natural goal-scorer, this match may well have been made in Heaven.

Yet, I don’t think he’s the right man for the job. Liverpool need to consider just how difficult it would be to ply Bent from McLeish’s possessive fingers. The Aston Villa boss wont want to be seen making a loss on Bent who was valued at £24m just last season. Do Liverpool fans really want to see this kind of money spend on a player who’s been as inconsistent as Bent has been as of late?

I was personally astounded that Villa were willing to spend that kind of money on Bent, who strikes me as somewhat one-dimensional. Time spent at Tottenham and Sunderland may have bolstered his reputation, but there still seems to be something missing from his game. Why is it, after all, that despite his goals, he’s never been a vital player for England?

Wouldn’t money be better spent on a player like Lukas Podolski, who has proven himself on the International circuit on a regular basis? What’s more he’s been in good form for Cologne this season, despite clamouring for a move away and would likely welcome a move to the Premier League. His contract is set to run-out in the not too distant future and he’d represent a much cheaper and arguably better alternative to Bent.

There’s plenty of money saving options out there for Liverpool, so why go for one of the most overpriced stars in English football?

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  • Chauser says:

    What laughable drivel the Mirror can come up with. Bent? surely they mean his auntie don’t they. She would be just as “good” as that ageing mediocrity.Not to mention his recent injury proneness.

  • ode says:

    i hop is a rumor cos if kk bye such player then somthin most be wroung wit him lfc cant wast such mony i beter get torres bake for bent

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