Kenny Dalglish ready to drop the axe, but who most deserves the chop?

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Liverpool’s 3-1 defeat at the hands of Bolton will probably act as the low point of season. The defeat was so comprehensive and so uninspiring on Liverpool’s side that fans were rightfully up in arms at the end of the game.

haven’t exactly set alight this season, but they have the players and the pedigree to beat a -threatened team like Bolton. Kenny Dalglish was noticeable furious and made clear that he wouldn’t stand for similar performances in the future. Speaking to ESPN he said:

“As well as they [Bolton] did, I think we were equally as bad, If anybody has any aspirations of staying any length of time at the football club then they’ll not be here for much longer if that’s the way they want to perform. We expect a much higher level than that.”

“It’s all well and good saying they might have been distracted because there is a game on Wednesday and another game on Saturday, but every game is a massive game for us. And if they think they can turn the clock on and off, then they won’t be turning it on and off at this club.”

Harsh words, but I think he said exactly what Liverpool fans needed to hear. It’s easy to get frustrated when you see your team playing without any concerted effort but it helps to hear that your manager recognises such performances are not acceptable.

Whilst the defence weren’t great against Bolton, they’ve proven that they’re more than capable of winning a game for Liverpool on their day. Hopefully their performance on Saturday will act as a wake-up call.

Andy Carroll, though he failed to score once more, actually looked fairly lively. He tried to make things happen and won the header that led to Bellamy and Liverpool’s only goal. Whilst I remain uncertain about ’s value to Liverpool, I don’t think he’s deserving of the axe just yet.

Instead, it’s Adam that has frustrated me most in recent games. He joined in the summer, because it was hoped that he would help link the midfield to the forwards as well as chipping in a few goals himself. At the moment he’s failing to do either. Worse of all, is his inability to track back. His nonchalant attitude when it comes to defending left Liverpool’s defence there for the taking against Bolton and he needs to step up and take responsibility for his lack of action.

Perhaps it’s time for him to have an enforced rest. A time out for him to consider his role in this Liverpool side and for him to decide how committed he is.

What’s your take? If the axe is to fall at Anfield who should get the chop?

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  • Paul says:

    Totakky agree, Charlie Adam is not good enough. He constantly gives away free kicks and offers nothing going forward. What happened to these brilliant free kicks and corners??? I would ditch him immeadiately put Henderson in the middle and get a new right winger. Even Johnson there with Kelly behind him would be better. KD needs to give the youth players a chance and not just the defenders. How can morgan, sterling, suso etc. do any worse than what’s there already??

  • rich says:

    adam henderson and especially downing and get players who can deliver the ball with class cause will guarantee stick carroll in the spurs team he will be a huge success

  • nkuasadua says:

    could not agree more… since the beginning of the season, he had tried to impress, but has more been the problematic link. Don’t seem to understand why at Blackpool, any dead ball situation, he would be a treat. Now at liverpool, he can’t even put the ball in from the penalty spot. Talk about a dead ball specialist… bullshit. Downing seems to be sinking more and more as games go by. And Carroll, he needs more playing time.. can’t wait for suarez to come back.. ynwa

  • townley says:

    totally agree with adams,has been really poor but dont think henderson or downing have been much better.would play shelvey with spearing with gerrard in front.with maxi and bellamy on wings,carroll up front if we cant buy anyone.

    • Gmac says:

      Totally agree, Maxi, Bellamy supporting Suarez, with Gerrard, Shelvey and Spearing in a three man midfield in the old Venables Xmas tree formation is the way to go with the players available. Kuyt now till Suarez is back as at least he’s mobile, Carroll is so slow it’s unbelievable and his touch is disgraceful for a pro !

  • sean says:

    sell caroll, downing, henderson, glen johnson, skrtel and adam

  • Paul says:

    Caroll has really disappointed – but we should not take a big loss on him (yet). Remember when Crouch arrived he did not score for over 20 games, but Rafa kept him in the starting line up and eventually he came good. I would give Caroll a run of 10 games and see what happens. Downing … OMG. Henderson – signs that he will be useful in future. Agree that he should play most games from the start. I would be tempted to play a midfield of Henderson, Kuyt, Gerrard and Maxi with Caroll and Bellamy up front.

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