A Real Madrid-Arsenal swap deal that could be beneficial for both sides?

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I was somewhat surprised to read in this mornings gossip columns that Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho might actually switch managerial roles in the summer. The Arsenal faithful have grown increasingly frustrated with Wenger, while the Real Madrid faithful have fallen out of love with Jose Mourinho.

Firstly I don’t think either manager is a fit for either potential club. Wenger doesn’t fit the mould of leading a multi-ego squad. I am an admirer of Wenger’s principals regarding youth but he is out of touch in the transfer market. He sems to fail to realise sometimes you have to pay a little more for a player that will make the difference. You have to wonder if Mourinho will have the money he has become accustomed to. His Champions League record speaks for itself and he can attract that higher calibre of player.

So that aside if the two managers did amazingly switch clubs then could we see a flurry of players leaving to jump ship with their current managers.

Well from the Arsenal point of view, they are going to have a fight keeping the likes of Robin van Persie and Theo Walcott. Both would excel in the Spanish league and both would be available fairly cheap. Another player Wneger could take with him if he was to move to the Bernabau is defensive rock Thomas Vermaelen. The Belgian is an impressive defender and a useful addition in opponents penalty areas. Or 25 yards from goal.

Now there are not to many of Real Madrid’s squad that would welcome a move to the Premier League. That said interest has surrounded Esteban Granero and he is one Mourinho could bring with him should this amazing switch take place. Then there is his own defensive linchpin, Ricardo Carvalho.

Mourinho has brought him from Porto to Chelsea then from Chelsea to Real Madrid. Youngster Raphael Varane who many of the top European sides have been watching. The one other player from the Real squad that could be tempted to move is Lassana Diarra. He is another ex Arsenal player that might welcome a new challenge.
How likely this switch and player moves are remains to be seen. What are your thoughts. Comment in the box below.

Written by Wesley Hillier

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  • mzeey says:

    crazy talk carazy ,carazy carazy dont speak of it any more dont just dont

  • bakrima says:

    It will be a dream comes true for millions of Arsenal Fans around the world if Wenger leaves after six miserable years and Arsenal can not find a better option than Mourinho. Mourinho is a credible brave man with dignity> he will turn Arsenal to one of the pillar of football the world over .

    • Shay says:

      Mourinho a man with dignity… Hahahahahahahabahaha

    • josh says:

      I wish that would be a dream come true but I doubt it but u never know in football it my not be as crazy as u first think when u think about it properly. Cmon U Gunners

  • bjohnson says:


    • Football Brain says:

      Well most probably yes, he would be great in the Spanish league. The game there is far more open and attack based compared to the closed compact defenses of the english game. So Walcott, with his pace, would find all the space to be a benefit to him, and with this new found space he may also then start to provide a better final ball with increasing amounts of time on the ball to think.

  • mo says:

    Dream on ppl. Mourinho wouldn’t leave to Arsenal. He has alot to prove in Madrid and he’s showing it. He’s happy at Real.

  • Christmas says:

    For me i dont thhink d swoopin will work becouse, monriho has his own pattern of football and it will not suit arsenal players, it will be difficult to blend to monriho style of play. As for wenger he will blend easilly becouse, some of the madrid players have arsenal style of play wenger will just add some youngstars more to correct some areas.

  • Ayantoye philips says:

    Don’t think it for now, except if kroenke becomes the owner of 80percent share in Arsenal. It has always been a problem of money!money!! Money!!!

  • inno says:

    we dont want mourinho, he is a bad apple for our financial security that many clubs cant afford.

  • geoffreid says:

    cant see anyone wanting wegner,we certainly dont.

  • jeremy says:

    Wenger’s stock is at an all time low. He has no one but himself to blame for the current problems.The bosses at RM are more demanding and less patient than the gunners board.
    If he were to get less than satisfactory results at RM,he could be off as soon as he arrives.The modern game is all about winning and not not how aethetic you play. You may weave intricaye paatersn but if you don’t win,it’s not acceptable.
    Gone are the days when soccer was a sport.

  • Football Brain says:

    I think it more likely that Jose would replace SAF once he retires from United. I feel he is a manager Jose would look up to and hope in his later years people will look back upon his many great triumphs. In saying that Jose has a huge ego, and may feel he’d want to earn that reputation with his own clubs rather than take the helm from SAF. So you begin to wonder, who would take over United? Redknapp would be a good choice, he has a great mind and hunger for the game, but if his spurs are still going strong I doubt he’d leave…..

  • Kev-The-Gooner says:

    Sorry, but those comments are absolutely terrible!
    Wenger has done loads for this club, or less you forget?
    Until the end of the season, get behind him and the team,
    then judge him!!

  • david says:

    This is crazy. never in life time. Mourinho is not fit for Arsenal ethically and morally. Worst is the philosophy Mourinho represents. The writer please look for another storry to tell us.

  • Jason says:

    Because Madrid played a bad game at the Bernabue against Barcellona, the press immediately invented the stories that Maurinho is going to leave.

    When Madrid played a fantastic game at Camp Noe and where just unlucky, 7 point lead as well in La Liga and kept this stupid story going round.

    Isn’t it a good time now to start writing on Barcellona? Denied penalty for Villareal yesterday, Mascherano Oscar Actor, Messi below par etc. just to name few topics.

    Wenger to Madrid? Bullocks. I will stop supporting Madrid (35 years now!) if he comes anyway. Wenger is a looser and destroyes young players like Carlos Vela. Was a joy watching Vela playing in the La Liga, went back to Arsenal and was destroyed.

    Well done Wenger and we don’t need you at the Bernabue.

    Hala Madrid!

  • Giwa azeez says:

    That will be a great switch and a record breaking one……

  • theo says:

    Since when is walcott is good football player? Let alone good enough for R.Madrid.

  • john lloyd says:

    Probaly the least likely transfer in world football history. Marino spends money when needed to improve his teams. That alone would kill any chance of Kroenke allowing him near his Arsenal cash flow. Style and success are absent from the owner`s interet or knowledge. For him, any spineless bank manager would suffice. AW is a fine coach and added a couple of known wonderkids to a team. As they departed – zilch. Real would want a winner, not a misplaced coach.

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