The £15m solution to Arsenal’s lack-of-depth upfront:


Arsenal may make a January move for Valencia forward Roberto Soldado as Arsene Wenger looks to extend his attacking options.

At the moment all the goal-scoring weight falls on the shoulders of captain, Robin van Persie, a burden he has so far gleefully accepted.

The Dutchmen’s tally for this calendar year in fact has been exceptional, but the worry amongst Arsenal fans is that should a injury befall him, as has done on many occasions in the past, where will their goals come from?

Summer purchases Gervinho and Park Chu-Young are far from prolific and the former has developed a peculiar hesitancy in one-on-one situations.

So far in his time at the Mestalla, Soldado has scored 26 in 47 appearances with nine goals in 14 games this season, although not as good as Van Persie’s 14 in 14, he could till be a player to lighten the load in the second half of the campaign.

As with all January transfer acquisitions, Valencia would expect top money for their main striker, something Wenger is not averse to if he has his mind set on a player.

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Valencia are not in the greatest of financial situations and have become a bit of a selling club in order to keep themselves going, so as long as Arsenal have the funds and the will this deal could happen.

The club have attempted a model of self-sufficiency over the years with players such as Geika Mendieta, Killy Gonzalez, Gerard, Claudio Lopez and more recently Raul Albiol, David Villa and Silva all being sold on as the conveyor belt keeps on rolling.

Real Madrid youth product, Soldado, was signed for £10 million from Getafe 18 months ago so given his rise in performance and the length of time left on his contract a fee in excess of £15 million would not be out of the question.

Manchester United have also been keeping tabs on the 26-year-old so there could be a bit of a battle to sign him, if not in January then maybe in the summer.

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  • Jeremy says:

    This is not going to happen at least not in January.

    Valencia is never receptive to deal with us. We had eyed their players for years but never manged anything.

    Why would they sell their top scorer in the middle of the season?

  • Alan says:

    To stay afloat, we have profited for many years and bought very little time to stump up buy him Gotze and a left back or veratile centre back like Vertogen

  • bjohnson says:


  • john lloyd says:

    He`s just one of the 14 strikers, named as an AW`
    target, by the `experts`, during November. It`s a lucky dip of course but if we are seriously interested in Gotze: the case for Podoiski becomes greater than that of Soldado ,or any of the others for that matter.

  • Scott says:

    My Question is this…..if we buy a top class striker,is he,whoever he is, going to be happy playing every now and again,or are we going to change formation to play him alongside RVP?

    • Ali says:

      yh they wud play together, like henry and bergkamp did, it would ease the load on RVP and give us more dimension, with walcott and gervinho playing wide and song with ramsey in the centre.

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