Steve Kean Needs to go but Shearer is not the way:


Okay hands up time: a few months ago I posted an article defending Blackburn boss Steve Kean. I will hold my hands up and admit I was wrong and I apologise to all Blackburn fans. However is Alan shearer really the man to replace Steve Kean? What Blackburn need is a manager with some tactical nous; someone that can roll the dice and come up trumps. Not a former legend that will take a year and a half to adapt to being a club manager and I feel that Blackburn would get exactly that if they appoint Shearer as their manager. With little top flight experience as a manager Shearer is a weak contender for the job and thankfully given Venky’s lack of knowledge about the club I can’t see him getting much of a look in.

As stated before Blackburn need a manager that understands the club but also has a “footballing brain”, exactly what Steve Kean lacks. One contender is Sven Goran Eriksson. The former England manager has been out of work since being sacked by Leicester earlier this year. His tactics and eye for a player could make him an ideal contender for the job, however with his success rate minimal since he left the England post his appointment would be a risk for an already struggling Blackburn side. But with over half the season still to play he may well be a risk worth taking.

Tactics aren’t the only reason Blackburn are failing. Even with a manager that couldn’t control a one legged donkey, this Blackburn side seem to have enough in their team to be doing better. When you look at the side there aren’t many players that haven’t been capped for the country or that aren’t being chased by bigger clubs. One wonders if there isn’t a problem of accountability at Blackburn? This is where Roy Keane could do a job. Imagine if Blackburn had just lost to Bolton.

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Is there one player alive that wouldn’t be scared to go into the dressing room with Roy Keane in there? I don’t think so. With League experience he wouldn’t be the worst man to have at the helm after guiding Sunderland to promotion he kept them up the following season showing exactly what Blackburn need in a manager .

Last but not least it has to be Mark Hughes.  Surely Blackburn’s ultimate choice to succeed Steve Kean? Under Sparky’s last spell as manager he took Blackburn into Europe competing in what was once the UEFA Cup and always finished in a respectable League position. Would Mark Hughes be interested in the job? Questionable after managing Man City and quitting Fulham. Hughes is on the lookout for a job with a big club , with all respect to Blackburn they are a big club, but they are at the wrong end of the table and I don’t think a relegation scrap would appeal to Hughes. It would take a lot of negotiation, but they do have the capital to make it happen. What a coup it could be if they could bring him back to the helm.

Like I said before I once wrote an article defending Kean. Normally I stand behind what I write but Kean has proved me wrong time and time again. So to make up for this I will be joining the Blackburn fan’s cause and will write to not just Blackburn FC but to the Venkys and to the board of directors demanding Steve Kean’s head (not that it will make a difference). It’s time that not only Blackburn fans but all football fans save a magnificent club! Please keep an eye on for images and proof of my personal letters to “Get Kean Out are seeking new writers to join the team! If you’re passionate about football, drop us a line at “” to learn more.

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  • Johnny Holt says:

    Thanks for your support at what is an awful time for all us Rovers fans……

    This once respected and well run club is now being dragged through the mud and has become a laughing stock in too short a period of time.

    Let’s hope sense prevails at least soon and they sack Kean and replace him with someone capable of getting Rovers out of this terrible situation.

    Thanks for the support…

  • J C Knowles says:

    Good article and its big of you to admit you were wrong and will try to campain for Keans exit although I just don’t see Vnkys sacking him – they are even more of a problem than he is.

    Being a Rovers season ticket holder his like suffering a slow lingering death at the moment.

    Every day, and I mean EVERY DAY brings more bad news

  • At long last, the general footballing community have seen the light re. the disaster that has befallen our club under the current regime.
    The sooner they have gone the better for all concerned.
    Personally, I would accept demotion (begrudgingly) if it meant the eradication of the current regime from our club, that’s how bad the feeling has become to these intruders! At least we would have OUR club back again.

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