FIVE City stars up for grabs in the January transfer window:

Image for FIVE City stars up for grabs in the January transfer window:

With Manchester  announcing that they hope to trim their squad in January the image of TK Max style shop of footballers springs to mind. Man City’s wage bill for last season was £174m – the highest in the league and £21m more than their total turnover. High profile players such as Emmanuel Adebayor and Carlos Tevez are the obvious players for sale but there are other players who could be attracting equal amounts of interest, and rightly so. There haven’t been many other opportunities where such a vast array of talented players are up for sale and what will probably be quite reasonable cost, and I don’t really see it happening again. With that in mind here is a look at the five best players who could be on offer come January.

Emmanuel Adebayor

Not much needs to be said about the Togolese striker. With a proven track record at Monaco, Arsenal, Real Madrid andSpurs the powerful forward will be attracting interest further a field than just north London. With 68 goals in 149 games whilst in England Adebayor has proved he can play at every level. Physically dominant with passing, touch and the ability to hold up the ball the former Gunner can play up front on his own or as part of a pair. His wages, reported to be around £160,000 per week, are the obvious stumbling block but money but the money saved on his transfer fee could go some way to solving that problem. His inconsistency in front of goal is many people’s criticism of him but with seven goals in ten games at Spurs the Togo forward is out to prove people wrong once again. His future may not be decided in January but by the start of next season it appears unlikely that he will be on ’s books.

Carlos Tevez

The other obvious option, but obvious because he’s one of the best players in the world. Despite Mancini’s outrageous claims that he won’t be sold for less than the €50m asking price I think we all know he would be sold for about half of that. It’s not in ’s interest to hold out for too much money because every extra month they keep him they have to shell out an extra £1m in wages. With most of the teams linked with the Argentine only willing to take the striker on loan a fee representing just over half of the asking price might be enough to persuade City to sell. And at that price you would still have to consider the striker a bit of a bargain. He has been prolific at every he has ever played for and offers far more than just goals. On top of that Tevez is approaching his peak years and providing he is mentally stable and happy he would be an excellent buy for any club that could negotiate his wages down.

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  • BlueWolf says:

    Ade: Won’t back down on his £160k a week, which of course is his prerogative, but will mean he will go nowhere (unless the Russians come calling).

    Tevez: Useless waste of oxygen.

    K. Toure: He might not go anywhere in January, y’know.

    RSC: He is already out on loan, and will never wear a City shirt again.

    Ned: Sort his mother out, and he might stay – but I doubt it.

  • Yusuf Hussain says:

    Manu: Had one GOOD season with the Blues but was then left out after Mancini adopted the 4-5-1 formation. But could play for any team really.

    Value At the End of 2010/11 season: £50m

    Koló Touré: The drugs incident was a waste of time that was completley over the top. He was just hitting top playing form when he had it all taken away from him and missed out on the best season City have had in decades. However I hope that he will win back his place in the team.

    RSC: Was an absolutley pointless transfer. If he had been bough 1 season earlier than he had, then perhaps he may have had a more preosperous MCFC career. I still belive he is an excellent striker, if he could just find the right club for him. . .

    Nedum Onuha: WAS one of the brightest young talents in the Premier League and really should have carbed out a permanent deal with Sunderland. He is a strong, powerful, quick, agile defender when on form. I hope he can just somehow make a real name for himself at City. IF ONLY..

  • jac says:

    Tevez a weasel, Ade lazy, RSC always injured, Kolo a bit too slow now, Ned just not that good, maybe Notlob will buy. So not much talent and don’t forget Wayne Bridge Pro bench warmer.

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