Can Liverpool really pull off this huge transfer coup?


Believe it or not, Liverpool are said to be after Real Madrid’s talented German Mesut Ozil. The source may well be The People, but there’s no reason to write off the rumour just yet. Various reports are suggesting that Jose Mourinho has handed the midfield dynamo an ultimatum.

Apparently Jose has made it clear that if he doesn’t find some form – and quick, then his Real Madrid days are numbered. After a wildly successful first season at the club (wherein he picked up 28 assists in all competitions) where he was at the heart of everything Real Madrid did, he has slowly found himself squeezed out this year.

The nadir of his season came following the barrage of criticism he received from fans after Madrid’s El Classico defeat. He has found himself warming the bench more often than he’d like this season and when he does play he looks a far cry from the player he was a year ago.

There’s every chance that he’d be keen to seek new horizons and a chance to reignite a faltering career. There’s no doubt that if he could get back to his best, he’d soon establish himself as one of the League’s best midfielders. Whether he has already peaked is anybody’s guess, but you can’t help but feel that he could do a great job for Liverpool.

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But is any Liverpool interest likely to be genuine? In reality, it’s highly doubtful. Liverpool spent big this summer and already have a midfield that is flowing pretty well. If anything, following Lucas Leivas’ season-ending injury Liverpool should be looking out for a defensive midfielder, not a dynamic offensive presence like Ozil.

Still, it would be the kind of transfer that would act as a real statement of intent for Liverpool. After all, isn’t the thought of Gerrard and Ozil together in the centre of midfield an attractive one?

Ozil has spoken before of desiring a move to Barcelona, but seeing as they signed Cesc Fabregas last summer, I doubt that they’ll be too interested in bringing in a player who hasn’t looked himself recently in La Liga. Perhaps a move to a different League would suit the German International perfectly and spur him on to further success.

Whilst I doubt that there’s much to this story, you can’t help but feel excited at the prospect of Ozil joining the Premier League. If there’s any truth to the ‘Jose Mourinho ultimatum’ story, then surely Liverpool should consider testing the water?

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  • Chauser says:


  • Andy says:

    Not possible. Liverpool have a bad history when it comes to German players. Read Karl Heinze Riedle, Markus Babbel, even Dietmar Hamann suffered some point of time at the hands of the management…deeming them surplus to requirements (at the time when they were at the top of their game)

    • judgestevep says:

      What are you talking about. Riedle was a stop gap striker at the end of his career. Babbel was quality in his first season with us and picked up 6 goals and three winners medals? If he hadn’t been struck down by illness, god knows what he would have become for us, again his career was coming to an end.

      Hamann is a completely different kettle of fish, he is quite rightly a legend in my eyes, I dont use that lightly. He was a quality midfielder, who effectively changed the game for us in Istanbul and won 9 trophies. How can you regard him a failure?

    • Mike Roberts says:

      Andy ….. You must be one of them thick mancs from down the road who doesnt have a clue about football . Jog on now there’s a good boy.

  • byrnesey says:

    Spot on Judgestevep Hamann was an amazing player for us a definite legend, Ozil is class and with Kenny’s guidance would be an amazing signing for us.
    Snap him up Kenny!

  • Larry says:

    Ha ha! Pathetic. A world class player like Özil would never leave Real for a second class club like Liverpool. Besides, he’s happy and appreciated where he is so no club in the world have a chance to get him. I hate these articles without any fact checks. And some fans have no clue on reality, “Snap him up!” – sure thing…

  • abraham says:

    How can you say a midfield that cant breakdown a pack the bus team is pack? Well yeah it is packed with average player in a big club. They are too small in mentality to handle liverpool.

    We need players with personality to become winners! Downing, Henderson and co are carling cup materials.

    We should have kept mereiles and bought tricky or pacy wingers with the funds we had in the summer.

    Ozil maynot cut it here. He appears lazy and i am not sure he has the game intelligence of a mata and silver and that is what we need.

  • Filo says:

    Fuck noo, I hate german players, nd that fuckin frog is da first, hope all german players die nd go to hell, fuck no, go get players other then shitty germans

  • steve says:

    Ozil is loved by Real Madrid,the rumour’s a fake one and the last player we’d need right now is Ozil.So s**t up about Ozil joining.Then face it you want it or not,Henderson is having games and he’s developing fastly as the lad has already established himself as a starter and Adam is a great player too.Lucas was starting to create a great midfield duo with Adam but we came so unlucky in the end and Lucas will miss this whole season.Also on the wings,Bellamy and Downing are doing the job and Suarez upfront plays greatly.what we need is another striker to score goals and finish off those chances.i know Gerrard’s coming back but i dont know in what levels of fitness he will be and if he will be great again.
    Johnson Skrtel Agger Enrique
    Downing Henderson Adam Bellamy
    I know Cavani would cost 40+ million but he’s Uruguayan,he’s a great player and would work greatly with Luis.

  • ADM8 says:

    hell yes, a world class player would offer us that little something that is missing… just what we need. But don’t think this would ever happen.

  • daboy says:

    Liverpool may add a player on the right side of midfield and that will be that for mids maybe a striker and a central defender.
    Myself i think the money the club wasted on Downing and Carroll will prevent too many more high profile signings.

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