At £16.6m surely this Arsenal target is an absolute steal?

Image for At £16.6m surely this Arsenal target is an absolute steal?

Arsenal have been told that they will have to fork out £166 million for Yann M’Vila, according to the player’s agent.

The French midfield enforcer has been heavily linked with a move to Arsenal over the past several months and now his agent, Marc Formeaux , who also represents long-term Arsenal target Eden Hazard , has told interested clubs what they will have to stump up in order to acquire the 21-year-old Rennes starlet.

‘Regarding M’Vila, he is valued at €20m (£16.6m) and he does not know where he wants to go.

‘In Italy, they have linked him to Inter and AC Milan, but we will have to see who can pay his price and then convince him to join them.’

So, with the asking price now clear should Arsenal splash the cash to acquire the Rennes midfielder?

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  • wasiu says:

    wit the likenes of ramsey, wilshere,diaby, song, arteta,conquelin,frimpong. I think we dont need him 4 now

    • Wenger out NOW says:

      Are you having a laugh? You obviously don’t know much about what is going on at the mo, or you don’t watch many games!!

  • adamski says:

    If we arent going to get Goetze for the reason that diaby and JW will be returning soon then by that reasoning we are very unlikely to gran Yann, although he would be a great signing and would fill the squad space which would be left by rosicky heading to germany and denilson not coming back.

  • Thabani says:

    M’Villa is a holding midfielder and we have Alex Song, Frimpond and Diaby (when he is not injured). We don’t need M’Villa. What we need is a striker to take the load off RvP and a creative midfielder.

    Even Hazard is not needed, given we have Walcott, Gevinho, AOC, Miyachi

  • Junior says:

    I think that Wenger has made it clear that no midfielder is likely to come in Jan so i think that if Song isnt going to sign a new contract then the move should be made in the summer if he is still free. Would like Song to sign the contract though tbh!! Same situation applies with Gourcuff as Rosicky is also coming to the end of a contract and Benayoun is currently only a loan!!

  • Theophilus says:

    To my own view of it,if arsenal move yann i think he may have something to add to the team and with the unconsistence ramsey, i sugest arsenal may need him.

  • shamsulabrarp says:

    no need mvilla
    wenger pleas sign jan vertonghen hazard/gotze and podolski

  • Alan says:

    Ahh but frimpong is an african and next year we could have the situation of no Song no frim (and he could yeat be at Villa on loan this year) an unfit diaby, and if all is not right with Wilshire, and I pray it is so young, a crocked Arteta and M’Villa will be else wear and we will all be saying why oh why did we not bye him and get him used to the Prem, last year when we had the ruddy chance. Remember squad rotation at this time of the year is para mount.

  • ash burton says:


  • john lloyd says:

    Who believes AW? Fizman led with “this new stadium enables us to compete in future, with all the wealthy clubs, on equal terms” Also this gem, “Our transfer money is quite seperate and will not be affected by repaying our borrowing for the stadium,” Whereupon AW said he`d have to sell a player every year to help finance the debt and Chelski spent aother £100m – or whatever they needed to win. So forget his disclaimers about not buying, in turn, Nobody, a Defender, a Striker and a Midfielder. However, if driven to upset Kronke, for once, we may just get lucky. Vertonghen is an outstanding DMF as well as a versatile and comanding CB. IN a 4-2-3-1 set up, he could provide cover for Santos, Song and TV to break forward. At 6` 4″ odd, he`d be a factor in both goal mouths. In `one fell swoop` AW could avoid having to make a decison. If that is plan B? he might even have Podoiski, learning our ways, ready to replace Thierry when he sadly departs. Oh! Let it b so.

  • Bryte says:

    we do not need Mvilla at all, we only need strikers
    & some defense

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