An Email To Blackburn Rovers: Something has to change!


Dear Blackburn Rovers

I am writing to you to share my concerns and thoughts over your football club, and its current state of affairs. Having watched many Blackburn games this season; it has been obvious to me that performances have been below the high standards set by the club over the past ten years. After examining the many reasons for this it occurs to me that the manager (Steve Kean) is to blame. His poor choice of substitutions and lack of match tactics have been clear for all to see.

This is why I believe a change of personnel is needed, to inject some much needed life back into the club.There are a lot of options that could be chosen to replace Kean, I would be happy to send a list to the clubs owners since their lack of football knowledge has become apparent for all to see.

Having seen the fans reaction to Steve Kean I am concerned more appropriate action has not been taken. I am also concerned that Blackburn Rovers as a whole has lost their respect for fans. Numerous emails and letters by the clubs loyal supporters have been ignored by the club; which has led fans to more serious actions such as protests and banners. All of which could have been avoided if the fans felt as though they were being heard.

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My question to you: will you now not only ignore the fans, but the whole Blackburn community, as now even the Lancashire Evening newspaper have called for the manager’s head. Surely you as a football club cannot ignore the city you are a part of? Maybe if you are so keen to ignore the fans, you wont ignore the facts; quickly put, Blackburn have won only two games in sixteen this season, giving them a win percentage of only thirteen percent. I would also like to point out Blackburn’s win percentage away from home: there isn’t one. This side has not won a single game away from home so far this season.

After reading many articles of late, I have become increasingly disturbed by not only the manager but the owner’s stance on the club. What I fail to understand is how the owners can sanction a meeting every day for Kean to attend, yet when the clubs sponsors want to schedule a meeting with the clubs owners, they’re harder to find than a Blackburn fan that wants Steve Kean to stay. Putting off meetings could potentially affect business and funds for the club; if newspaper speculation is correct then you as a club, cannot afford this to happen. With it being revealed in the national papers the club is on the verge of a meltdown, some proof of the club financial state would also ease some of the fans fears , but fans would equally accept a change in management.

Please reply at your earliest convenience,

Regards Cameron Makeman

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  • J C Knowles says:

    Great artical and spot on – finally other sports people outside Rovers fans are begining to undrstand our plight.

  • Baz says:

    Top man!! totally agree, we need some-one who can motivate the team not keep dragging them down. Bring back Hughes!!

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