Doing Something Good During The International Break


A common misconception is that the football being played further down the pyramid is of poorer quality and to be honest that couldn’t be further from the truth, clearly the players are not as highly skilled but they are just as if not more passionate and it is easy to get swept along with the whole occasion.  Financially though things couldn’t be more different, there is no oil money here, there is no asian consortium considering an offer for Bath City or AFC Telford, clubs cut their cloths accordingly and people passing through the turnstiles are their life and soul.

The stumbling block to this whole idea is the money involved for the supporter, I do sometimes find it agrevating that a ticket to see Stockport County could set me back £20, it may be cheaper than the Premier League but it still seems strangely expensive.  I do sometimes wonder if it would make more economic sense to just charge £10 and pack these stadiums out, it would provide a better atmosphere and would perhaps persuade supporters to return next time their team is away from home.  I suppose the £20 tickets are a clear demonstration of how hard it is to make ends meet further down the football ladder.

I would like to end on somewhat of a plea though, if you can afford it, why not take yourself off to a game wherever it may be next Saturday, I genuinely believe you will be pleasantly surprised.  Whether it is League 1, or the Conference South there is still great football out there to be enjoyed even when the Premier League has shut up shop for a weekend of international football.  I am not one of these people that claim league 2 is where you find ‘real’ football, but I will always stand up for it and say if you love the game it shouldn’t matter overly what level you are watching, the enjoyement will still be there for you, so get out there and support one of these cash strapped clubs when you get the opportunity!

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