Is it Curtains for Steven Gerrard’s England Career?

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There is no escaping the fact that the man has been blighted by injuries since March. Initially recovering from the injury he suffered only to experience a recurrence of the injury, he did manage to recover in time for the game against Manchester United in which he was named man of the match.

However cometh the game against West Bromich Albion two weeks later he went mysteriously missing from the team sheet. It was down to an ankle infection, which will keep him out of this weekend’s game against Swansea and England’s next two friendly’s against Sweden and Spain.

The issue of whether Steven Gerrard should call time on his international career has been mentioned in the press of late. According to some, these assertions have validity due to the number of injuries he has had. England qualified without him and a few other players from the “Golden generation” namely Rio Ferdinand and Frank Lampard. The team seems to have congealed well in their absence so the question should be asked is it worth calling on Stevie “G” when he has played such an insignificant role in England’s current campaign?

One can’t shirk the benefits that Steven Gerrard will get from retiring from Englan also. Paul Scholes felt the benefits of such a decision, who’s to say Gerrard won’t experience such similar affects?

Some detractors also bring up the fact that he has never given it his all for England and lacked the same desire he demonstrates when pulling on the Red shirt. I disagree and feel his performances haven’t been as superb for England because he has too often been misused by managers, played out of position and used as the utility player to make way for Frank Lampard.

One would have to ask how he would slot back into the England set up with Scott Parker doing so well and to question what his role would be due to the fact he has been used in almost every midfield position imaginable. I feel as though he has more than a role to play for England and argue he should even be made the player England revolve their game around. He is one World Class player England possesses along with Wayne Rooney in my eyes and they should utilise that fact.

Where Capello missed a trick last time out was not playing both Gerrard and Rooney in closer proximity to one another. Like the moron he is, he shifted Gerrard out to the left, nullifying his attacking prowess much to England’s detriment. He illustrated in the opening game of the World Cup his attacking instincts through the middle when he burst onto Heskey’s header and scored England’s opening goal against the United States. Given carte blanche to do this, England will fair better at the Euro’s.

England can afford to lose Rio and Lampard but Gerrard I think is indispensible. Playing just off of Rooney in the final third he will do damage and link up well with his fellow scouser. This way he won’t have to track back and can concentrate on what he does best, score goals and create assists.

Should he retire from England? Never, even a half fit Gerrard is better then most of the players who pull on the national jersey. So take him to the Euro’s play him in his best position and let’s hope we’ll be singing three lions on a shirt with pride cometh the end of the tournament.

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  • shaun says:

    would rather have him giving his all to liverpool for the rest of his career than play for england and get injured again think he should hang up his england boots and concerntrate on clup and forget about country.

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