How David Silva Evolved Into A Superstar

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With a betting man finding 16/1 odds on David Silva topping the assists chart in the premier league come the end of the season, on current form he rivals any player in league, or perhaps the world. However the extent of his abilities is far more than just passing the ball to the likes of Dzeko or Aguero, who then does the rest. David Silva has wowed fans from all over the world with his ability to find space where there usually is none, drift past defenders with consummate ease, and chip in with a wonderfully crafted goal every now and then. Furthermore, with the likes of Gary Neville stating he was ‘one of the best players in the league’ – a message no doubt through gritted teeth as he compliments the fire-power of his old team’s rivals – alongside a former City favourite turned foe of Carlos Tevez touting him as ‘the best signing we ever made’, it is important to consider the past, and future this current superstar has in the game.

It all began in a Valencia team that reeked of talent and flair. With the prolific David Villa, pacey Juan Mata and a 6ft 7 frame of Nikola Zigic, David Silva fitted in nicely, influencing play and leaving Valencia a consistent top 4 team. However when the financial demise of Valencia came, the sale of major assets was imminent, as Silva, Villa and Zigic parted ways with the club in search of new challenges, as Valencia attempted to balance the books. Unfortunately they had little choice, as the wages and value of these players was vast, and the likelihood of staying afloat was in peril. David Silva booked his plane ticket for England, courageously leaving his past behind and starting a new era, joining the premier league ranks as a player of high reputation after his performances in Liga BBVA.

David Silva integrated nicely with his teammates adding style and quality to an ambitious Manchester City team that needed a push in the right direction. Although it took time, he established himself as a regular within the side and a player of great importance. With Mata joining him in England a year later, the Spanish influence has had a great effect on the premier league as a whole, as neutrals from around Britain take their hats off the playmaking abilities provided for their respective clubs. Mata still has a lot to learn from fellow Spaniard Silva, though his quality is there to see and he has already hit the ground running at Chelsea.

In a Spanish squad that could arguably field two teams that would both achieve a place in a final, Silva’s role in this squad is different. Manchester City have built their team with Silva as a forefront of the squad, with Aguero and Dzeko in particular working hard to maintain harmony in attack for City, making the space that Silva can exploit. However for Spain, Silva is overshadowed by the quality in the Spanish league. Pedro, Torres and Villa form the front three, with Torres being the only weak link based on current form. Villa thrives from the left, and Pedro is an exceptional winger on the right, leaving Silva having to show his ability more centrally, something he has been so successful with at Manchester City.

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  • Blewmoon48 says:

    You obviously didn’t see Spain’s last match. David Silva played the Lionel Messi role with the rest of the Barcelona forwards/midfield. He was the best player, scoring two goals and making an assist for David Villa. Of the players I’ve watched this year only Messi rates above him.

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