FIFA get it wrong – yet again:


Once again I find myself in a state of frustration and there seems no quick fix. Due to the corruption that exists inside FIFA it seems English Football is destined to suffer at the hands of Sepp Blatter.

Ed. Note: Since this was written FIFA have decreed that Poppies can be worn on a black armband, but not on the shirt. A satisfactory compromise, or further evidence of FIFA’s cloyingly heavy-handed nature?

A man who continues to anger people in this country by what can only be described as a form of racism. Lets get this straight right now. In Britain, November 11th is not a day we choose to celebate. For reasons unknown to many of us, it is a day when we remember. That is all. The chance to remember those who fought with their lives to protect a world detemined to forget them.

As a nation the British adopted a simple memory for all those brave lives lost. In schools it’s known as poppy week but you gow to know it as rememberance day. An easy way to show your gratitude. It is something I have always remembered yet only now it is being frowned upon by the powers that be. Do they really expect us to swallow that the England Football team may offend other religions and nationalities. A country that can’t appreciate another for honouring their history is one I wouldn’t care to much about.

Now if FIFA had stated that wearing the poppies would of carried a risk due to the pins or pieces of poppy flying off that could of been brushed under the carpet as health and saftey going ballistic.

The mistake the FA made is by not printing poppies onto their shirts like Arsenal did last weekend, and just turning up without asking. Deal with any consequences later. But once again the FA show their apparent lack of backbone.

I am a Manchester United fan and have the upmost respect for Sir Alex Ferguson but I am the first to admit he has always gone against the FA and has had his punshments but has had his victories. The FA are not even powerful enough to take on Fergie so why are we surprised at the continued buckling to European pressure.  What happened to the FA of the 70’s who contrived to not give Brian Clough the England managers job.

I would be more than happy for England to turn up for the friendlies against Sweden and Spain wearing a shirt with a poppy on it. What can FIFA do. They can alter the result afterwards. Something the people we are trying to remember would of loved to be able to do. Just sit back and change it afterwards.

Other punishments FIFA could threaten with would be non participation in the World Cups to be held in Brazil and Qatar. All the more reason to wear the shirt I hear some cry. It boils down to one simple thing. Are the FA prepared to stand up to Blatter the same way our many fallen did all those tragic years ago.

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