Surely THIS is the real problem at Arsenal?


Another French import is summer signing Gervinho, who has fared better since his move. Although only scoring two goals so far he has fitted into the side quickly and had his best game for the Gunners on Sunday, scoring one and setting up both Van Persie goals in the 3-1 win. He is also a more physical prospect than Chamakh as was proven by him slapping Joey Barton on his Premier League debut. But again he is still a player best suited to football on the ground and has been wasteful of chances which at the highest level can be very expensive.

Fellow new signing Chu Young Park will not be able to fill the glaring hole at Arsenal either. Signed for £3.4 million, the 26-year-old has been dubbed ‘not ready’ for the first team by Arsene Wenger, a worrying admission by a man usually so frugal with money. He averaged one goal every four games for Monaco which is not a bad record, but like many of Wenger’s French imports the pace and brutality of English football see them fall from grace. The player has all the attributes for a top striker but is once again in this mould of player that wants the ball to his feet and will struggle to fight for it.

And finally there’s the talisman, Robin Van Persie. A prolific goalscorer but all too often injured. He has scored 24 goals in 26 appearances in 2011 and the only player that impressed for the Gunners after the League Cup final debacle. But his injury record speaks for itself. In 2007 Van Persie broke his metatarsal celebrating a goal against Man United, meaning he missed the Carling Cup final which his side subsequently lost 2-1, the following year he was top scorer at the club despite missing most of the season with a knee injury as Arsenal finished just four points off the lead and again last season, missing the first half of the campaign then getting injured again in the infamous final.

While he is on the pitch he is a star, but when he’s injured the cupboard is bare for Arsene Wenger and he needs to change it soon. He has Theo Walcott asking to play up front but his goalscoring record is hardly a shining CV and again he brings nothing to the table that the club doesn’t already have. So who outside the club could they take?

Although not a likely option, Chelsea’s Didier Drogba fits the bill perfectly. Physical, good in the air and a fantastic finisher, he would be the saviour if he were to arrive at the Emirates. But more realistically, a man such as Roque Santa Cruz, currently not wanted by Manchester City and on loan at Real Betis would be a good addition to lead the line alongside van Persie, or even consistent defender breaker and goal finder Kevin Davies to give Arsenal a dimension so dramatically lacking from their play.

Now for any Gunners fans tearing their hair out at the mention of big bruiser Kevin Davies being the man to save their stylish, sophisticated football club, think of this.

Apart from Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea team, many of the best clubs in the world have had defensive troubles. The famous treble winning Manchester United team weren’t the strongest at the back. They were held together by Peter Schmeichel and maintained the philosophy of scoring one more than their opponents. It is the same with the successful Real Madrid sides at the turn of the century and the Barcelona team of now, there weaknesses are their defence but they score so freely that no-one cares. Even the Newcastle team that nearly made it big had that theory. It’s time Arsene Wenger and Arsenal fans stopped bemoaning their defence and asked the strikers around Robin van Persie to do their job.

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  • afc says:

    arsenal are winning and van persie is an arsenal player who is not being used ellegally.yesterday he didn’t feature and the gooners scored 2 classic goals against what’s your problem??

  • me says:

    afc, i will tell you his problem. He’s seen how awesome the defence and the goalkeeper is and now its better for him to start attacking the attackers and he forgot that the midfield needs time to gel.

  • hey says:

    There is still a problem in the defence and throughout the whole team, Injurys the main worry for me is we don’t have a back-up plan if RVP is injured as there is no striker playing regularly just the flying dutchman. so if he goes who’s there to full his boots Gerv? MC? Park?
    if we play a formation that allows for a second striker starting most games then the problem turns into an attacking partnership. (4-1-3-2)


    Sagna Per Verm Gibbs


    Rosicky Wilsh Arshavin/Arteta

    RVP Gerv/Park

  • The Fan says:

    Santa cruz: not good enough
    Davies: not good enough
    Drogba: Won’t be good enough when he’s available for transfer

    Fernando Llorente is what you should’ve said.

  • Tom says:

    Youre an idiot

  • reefton says:

    chamakh’s heading ability is not poor. please stop disseminating this dross. he may or may not stay, but pay him his dues.
    We are a passing team and growing into our skins. It will take some time. just be aware it didn’t happen all at once for city, and they have spent year on year on year.

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