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Do Arsenal Need to Switch Things Up at the Top?


Everyone is fully aware that Arsenal’s struggles this season have came mainly through the back line, mainly due to injury forcing new players learn to join together at an alarmingly fast rate.  However, winning allows you to overlook some deficiencies and if they’re not going to win with their defense, why not try to win it with their offense?

Robin Van Persie has been a goal scoring machine when he is healthy and leads all Gunners in goals this season, but what if he moved to his former position out wide?  Could Arsenal bring in an aerial threat to provide them with another method to get their goals?

If Van Persie plays on the left he will be able to push wide and cross in the ball, which he is very adept at.  Or, if he plays on the right, he will be able to cut in and use his dangerous left foot to place a venomous strike on goal.

This idea would be no small feat, however, as you have to wonder if it would annoy Van Persie.  Arsenal have to win and keep him happy since it is completely possible he will move on at some point in the near future.

But the idea of Theo Walcott and Van Persie making interchanging runs and playing off of or to someone who is competing in the air feels like something that should be looked into for the short term of the team at the very least.

This also doesn’t mean that Van Persie can’t play some minutes as an out and out striker, but that it could be later in the game or to change things up.  This simply is an idea to provide Arsenal with different options attacking, keeping defenses off balance on top of the kind of quality they possess would be a major asset.

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