Liverpool’s lack of cutting edge MUST be redressed!

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Just how is Kenny Dalglish supposed to earn his long-term Liverpool contract?Another disappointing result saw to the Reds again surrender a one goal lead despite creating a lorry load of chances. The match has certainly highlighted discrepancies within the Liverpool ranks that have not been rectified since the start of the season, namely our defence. Whilst the return of Glen Johnson was a welcomed one, our centre back pairing looked uncomfortable when the Holt was introduced after the first half.

Interspersed with the amount of chances we created and failed to convert, the result really reflects where we are at the moment and the problems that still need addressing. Luis Suarez, as immense as he has been at the club is simply not an out and out goal scorer. He is a player synonymous with producing a moment of brilliance and creating chances much in the mould of Kenny instead of a goal machine like Ian Rush. How badly we miss Torres in this regard. Of the twelve shots Suarez had, six of them fairly clear cut, he never scored one. Andy Carroll also justified his thirty five million pound price tag with a shocking miss to cap off a miserable night.

Not to mention the feckless Stewart Downing who couldn’t beat either of the full backs if he had a Porsche engine up his backside. This has simply been the story of his season, with atrocious decision making in regards to his shooting and crosses. Henderson as I stated earlier in the season is not a winger and is a player for the future, yet with so many quality central midfielders at the club prior to his arrival, his investment is also looking fairly ominous at this moment in time.

One cannot try to even contemplate some of Kenny’s decision making yesterday form a tactical point of view. The man of the night Craig Bellamy, incidentally the goal scorer was taken off with twenty minutes to go. He looked lively, had the better of his opposing full back and wreaked havoc prior to his substitution. One has to question why he was taken off for Jordan Henderson who did not make the slightest impression playing in the unfamiliar wide role. You would expect a substitution during the latter stages of the game to make an impact, especially when your chasing a game but he didn’t. One can only lament about Joe Cole not being available to take his place on the wing instead.#

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  • Redin my blood says:

    Your article is pathetic and i will advice you jump ship!!!Manc in disguise

    • Haider Ali says:

      Why would I jump ship you moron? Address the underlying issues. Your like religion zealots, blind to the truth.

  • Redin my blood says:

    It only GOD that know the future stop being stupid by saying you always right!!

    • Haider Ali says:

      You know what in regards to Liverpool I pretty much am right and have been most of the time because the managers of the past have made stupid decisions that have cost us money and trophies. Address any of the points you feel that are wrong and I’ll gladly debate you over them. Stop being a blind fan.

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