A victory for Ronaldo but is he the ‘World’s Greatest’?


It’s one of those impossible missions, judging two special players against each other. In this case are talking about the world’s best footballers. Cristiano Ronaldo recently picked up the Pichichi award (top scorer) in Spain from various (newspapers). The first thing he said was that he wanted to thank his teammates for this trophy. This is how Cristiano works, the first day he says something about himself, the next he is humble. He’s a consumate  mixed personality, living out a seemingly double life.

And he stated the Addidas-slogan ‘Impossible is Nothing. Having broken the previous record with so many goals last season (41) you’d think that he’d be Number One in the world, and to many he is. Many see him as the number one.

Other people would obviously say it’s Messí. Since Cristiano arrived in Spain from Manchester Unietd, he has always lived in the shadow of Messí, and there have been so many comparisons between these two that we could go on for days writing about it. But the need for comparisons only arises because they both play for rival clubs, a rivalry that is more about hate than just ill feelings. Both Barcelona and Real Madrid are two of the continents biggest clubs and they both got a superstar in their ranks with a good claim to being the ‘world’s best’.

Cristiano carried his team on his shoulders last season, just in the same way that Lionel did. But perhaps (this is just my view) Real Madrid are more dependent on Ronaldo than Barca are of Messí.

That’s just my two cents about that. Sure it’s fun to win individual trophies but Ronaldo badly needs to win some silverware to live up to the hype. The worst case scenario is a Los Galacticos version 2.

Nobody wants that because the previous Galacticos gathering was something we’d like to forget. It took the team four years to pick up silverware back then. Ronaldo came to the club to win titles and he will be judged after that. And he knows he’ll need to win them with the whole team, cause it’s only then he can win the big prize for himself.

Picking up the Copa del Rey-title amounts to very little when you look at Messí and his collection last year. There are also many differences between Messí and Ronaldo, Messí is more the kind of shy guy in the media, whilst Cristiano quite literally will eat you alive if you put him against the wall. The spanish media found it very intriguing when Cristiano said that people boo him because he is the best, rich and handsome. A far cry from what Messí usually says in press conferences and media appearances.

Of course with Leo having won the biggest prizes, he doesn’t need the Pichichi award too. We see it every week in La Liga, the battle between these two is a battle that the whole world watches. Of course everyone will have their say on who’s better. I’d say that they just are differently good at different things. From a neutral perspective it must be amazing seeing both play, but football is about feelings too. And when you compare you use a feeling.

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