Will Kenny’s cunning plan reap benefits for Liverpool?

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Just how is Kenny Dalglish supposed to earn his long-term Liverpool contract?Kenny Dalglish  has met with Mike Riley, General Manager of Professional Game Match Officials Ltd. to discuss the refereeing decisions that have gone against Liverpool so far this season among other things. Dalglish has been upset with the bad calls against that especially following Saturday’s game against Stoke when we were denied two penalties and Stoke were awarded a soft one.

Now Dalglish is not one to go blow his lid infront of the press about poor refereeing calls and instead he sort to consult the clubs owners first as to what he should do with this matter and now he has managed to speak to Mike Riley. Following the meeting, the Reds boss said:

“It was good to see Mike and we had an extremely informative and amicable discussion, which has given us all a better understanding of how things operate. It’s our job to best represent the Club and protect its interests, but we have the utmost respect for the job referees do and have never wanted or asked for any form of preferential treatment, simply a level playing field for everyone. We will continue to conduct ourselves in a dignified and respectful manner at all times. From our perspective it was certainly worthwhile sitting down together and maybe it’s something that should happen more often.”

Now, will this discussion with Riley help Liverpool in any way? I see this as a plan by Dalglish. Everyone now knows that he is upset with the refs and the refs to know this. And now it is public knowledge that he has met with Mike Riley so could the refs now, starting with the match against Spurs this weekend, do Liverpool any favours?

We are not asking for all the calls to go our way but for the calls blatantly going against us to be reversed. The calls for using technology replays continue to mount with each passing day and if video evidence was used on Saturday against Stoke, we could have been awarded two penalties and subsequently won the game.

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  • BootleBob says:

    Technology my ar*e. Technology would not have allowed us to play Henchoz as a second keeper in the 2001 FA Cup final. It’s swings and roundabouts, let’s keep it that way.

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