Why these Tottenham fans could be smiling even harder come May:


The main reason for Tottenham’s possibility to secure a top four position in the Premiership this season, is not necessarily due to the team’s improvement, it could just be that Spurs struggle less than the competing teams around them.

The season started rather poor for Tottenham this year. Like most other years to be fair. And the league table was a rather gloomy read for a Spurs fan after the North Londoners had played two matches. Dead last, with 1-8 goal difference.  But then again, Spurs had their first match postponed due to the riots, in which was aptly explained by a woman interviewee in the high street:  “We’re taking back our taxes innit!”

Well, logic and local shops took a severe beating that day.

Anyway, after two matches against the Manchester teams, both of which are looking impressively good at the moment, Harry Redknapp’s team got a solid and vital win away against Wolves, a fixture which has always been ‘one of those games,’ where Tottenham easily could throw away points.

For the fans it must be great sign of relief, as most Spurs fans will agree that it has been those games, against the supposedly weaker teams, where the team has failed to secure a wins on a bad days in previous seasons.

I am not saying that after beating Wolves away, this problem is cured forever. Although after only collecting six points of 18 possible against the relegated teams last season, the result against Wolves (all though they didn’t get relegated, obviously) must be welcomed with open arms and great relief, for most Spurs fans.

If Tottenham manage to continue down that road, taking three points on poor days as well as against those ‘weaker’ teams, fourth place is far from an impossible task.

Also, if looking at the teams competing alongside the North Londoners for that ever so vital fourth spot, they look as unstable and unreliable as the rioters in North London. Liverpool, who invested heavily this summer, have yet to make the new signings adapt completely. It is still early in the season and time for that to change, however the interaction between the players as well as movement going forward was non-present.

Arsenal are also struggling, although the club has many injuries (as well as Tottenham) and suspended players, the team just doesn’t ooze of the same intimidation or danger as they did some years ago, a subject which has been covered by others on this site.

This is also a reason why Tottenham could manage to secure that fourth spot, whilst three teams look certain to capture the three positions above, the race for fourth is completely open. A race including (most likely) three teams, all of which are as unreliable as the other one.

The team who ends up assuring that decisive fourth place in May, will likely be the team who mange to be the most dependable.  Or least undependable,  depending on how one looks at it. are seeking new writers to join the team! If you’re passionate about football, drop us a line at “” to learn more.

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  • tony says:

    to say that spurs beat a weaker team is a bit strong.wolves were unbeaten and playing at home.i think it was a great win that was not expected by most fans.a thought on adebayor .if he gets injured or carded .where does this leave spurs.pokeless.

  • Roy Singh says:

    We are just as enthusiastic to get 3 points against Liv. Victory is certain.

  • Paul Forde says:

    If we assume that the two Manchester clubs are going to finish in the top two and are going to beat most teams this season, then l think the start of the season hasn’t been too bad. We have two of the four hardest games out of the way already. Everyone else will drop points against these two impressive teams.
    We won away at Wolves, a place we usually drop points. If we can get a good result against Liverpool on Sunday, then we are back on track. Fourth spot is realistically between us, Liverpool and Arsenal, so if we can get beat them and then match them over the course of the season, we get 4th spot. Simples!!!

    • DAVSPURS says:

      Dont judge City and Utd tempo and the eight goals they scored. Trust me it wont last and tonight’s champions league proved something is going on and the FA run by ex Man City chairman are ignoring the fast tempo . Channel four Dispatches has the answer and and i no the team we play on Sunday will be in 6th gear even Gerrard.?

      • KennyM says:

        For Fucks sake you moron….be TOLD…fuck off and do not post on any of these sites!…Apart from being fucking clueless, you just spout gibberish……now get off the fucking internet and go play with yourself!!!

        • Acton_Yid says:

          Harsh mate. He’s just airing his opinion, internet forums are public channels, he’s entitled to post what he likes. If you don’t like/agree with what he’s saying, just ignore him. No need to be abusive son…I could ask you to p*ss off and go somewhere else but recognise that you’re free to say what YOU want.

  • Foz says:

    Hhmm. So if spurs win all their games they will finish high in the table? That’s profound that is!!!

  • Andy says:

    It all depends on whether Spurs can get Cristian Cebellos playing in the team this season and what they do in the January transfer window.

    • ialom hsaf says:

      “It all depends on whether Spurs can get Cristian Cebellos playing in the team this season”

      No, it does not.

  • VdV says:

    Cebellos is central to our plans (if you mean Ceballos then I don’t think so)… I think right now what happens at centre back is the most important. We seem blessed with option in every other position.

  • KennyM says:

    The best thing to have happened to our season is the injury to Dawson…..if he can stay out of the team we will start getting some clean sheets!…the guy is not even a good championship player!.. Lets hope that he takes the time while he is off to watch some video of other center backs and learns what fucking marking means!

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